Monday, June 28, 2004

How many days till Friday?

I have a cold. If you know me well enough you may know that I am pathetic when I am sick. I have been fighting this cold since Friday. By Saturday afternoon I was crying out for the Cold & Flu tablets, but being in a country town, nearly all shops are closed between 1pm Sat and 8.30a Monday, so Ian had my whinging until today.

This weekend was good despite my infirmed state. Our Church had a team from Idaho (USA) here for just over a week to help us minister to the community (and to challenge us in the process). God really worked through this team. We have had a lot of non-Church kids in the community respond positively to this group. Any prayer that seeds would be sown in these young people would be greatly appreciated.

On Sat night we had a huge "Aussie Bonfire" at a local farm for the Idaho team. It was such a good night. We had several people make interesting utensils to toast marshmallows on. It's events like this that make living in the country not so bad for a city chick like me!

I also found out a few days ago that Nana has been moved to a Nursing home. It doesn't seem that long ago that she was taking me on bus trips to Manly, Bondi and the like. I guess that time doesn't stop for anyone.

K xo


Paul said...

hey Kath!

reminds me of a fun trip a few years back Julie and I went on with Dave and Kel to Wee Waa and they had a huge bon fire on a local farm after the cotton rides. the country certainly has charms that the city could never match, huh! sorry to hear about your Nana, though.


Kathryn said...

Thanks Paul... Yes, but the main difference is that it is easy to get real coffee in Gloucester!

It's a good thing that Nana has moved - she really can't take care of herself anymore (we're letting her live it up as she has helped so many people in her lifetime... this is her time to get it back!). K :)