Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Early in the morning....

I have just come home from a good night out at my friend Paul's place.  It had been a bit of an "all over the place" day for me (both high and not so high points).  I even got Paul to watch Stingers!!!
It's funny how we take things for granted - it's the simplest things in life that really give life it's value.  Catching up with old friends (I have done a bit of that this week or so) and giving myself time to grow as a person.  A good example of this was catching up with Dave (of 'cafedave' fame).  He made me laugh like I had never been away from Sydney!
I hope this makes sense (I am blogging this at 12.45am so it's not assisted by caffeine).  Travelling back to Gloucester tomorrow... (using my father in law's computer - hope he doesn't mind..).
Kath xo

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Paul said...

hey there Kathryn,

was so great to spend some time catching up! looking forward to 20/8 when i get to see your new (for me) house!!! and looking forward to catching up with Ian too!!! yayyyyyyyyyy!!! are there any rugby games on we can watch while i'm there??? hehehehe!!!