Thursday, August 05, 2004

Paul - Memories of a Friend and Brother

I'm not going to beat around the bush, but I don't blame anyone who does. Two days ago I said goodbye to a friend and (to me) a brother. Paul Hughes was a great guy, and although it wasn't appropriate to share this at his memorial, I want to share this now. I made these notes the day after his tragic accident as I couldn't focus on anything else really... This is who Paul was, in my eyes...
  • Paul was a very loyal friend who always made us feel good and considered others' needs ahead of his own. He loved his family and his friends.
  • His Faith was strong. Even the last time I saw him (a week before his death) he encouraged me greatly to keep strong in my commitment to Christ, even though his life wasn't rosy at the time.
  • He spoke about other people with love and respect, even if they had hurt him.
  • He loved the past (eg ABBA, retro things (re-runs etc) even if other's didn't share his appreciation) but looked forward to the future.
  • Paul & Julie gave me a home when things were tough. I have never forgotten this kind gesture of several years ago, but it cemented my friendship with Paul and showed me the person he was.

Paul was excited about coming up to Gloucester to visit Ian & myself in late August. We had even put a date to it. Paul, we wish you were here, but know that where you are is even better than the Shire (even though the Dragons are far better than the Sharks! ;)).

In loving memory of Paul Hughes 1972-2004.

Kath xo

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