Tuesday, September 28, 2004

195 more sleeps*... and then none!

Well for those of you who have not heard yet - There is going to be a little Pilgrim gracing our (hopefully new) home come April (approx* 11th). So now is the time for the child-haters among you to bid us farewell!!!

It's amazing the miracle of life that a child is. So far my son/daughter has brought about (approx) 3 GP visits, 4 blood tests, 2 Scans and an Obstetrician visit (with a bonus scan) - and it is only 12 weeks old!!! I go to different Medicare offices to claim each time as I am a little embarrassed about how much this is costing us!

So for the time being I am treasuring my nausea, naps (don't laugh, it is a hard slog getting through 7.30am-3pm without a nodd off) and aversion to most foods (although Indian is one of the few things I can happily digest). Thankfully the advice I have been given is practical and useful (and mostly given by people who have had at least one child in the past 10 years).

This may all sound "gross" or daunting, but mark my words when you (and your partner) first see that little hearbeat, or those tiny legs and arms waving around, you know it is all worth it (well until the dirty nappies and sleepless nights rear their ugly head)!

Kath xo


Julie said...

At risk of giving advice in the absence of any parenting experience, recent or not, if the Medicare situation gets out of hand the forms are online - just download and post, and money turns up in your bank account. Goodbye lines and frequent visitor points, hello more nap time.

Kathryn said...

No, that's cool - Medicare, well it would be a good idea if I didn't usually need the cash!!! Our doctor will post it on, but it takes too long for impatient little me (and I usually am in Taree or Newcastle at least once week)!!!