Monday, November 29, 2004

When is a Weapon not a Weapon?

Q: If you saw a kid hanging around with an egg (not boiled) - would you be suspicious as to what they were up to?

Well, I was. On Friday night at the youth group Christmas Party a kid rocked up with an egg, and couldn't understand why we confiscated it. This kid and his mates were causing a bit of trouble, so we were hesitant to believe that his motives were pure. I will admit it was hard to keep a straight face when explaining that the egg was a "weapon" and hence we could not accept it being at youth group as the property had been egged on previous occasions (it's a Church hall).

What would you do in this situation? I bet you will never guess Ian's response...

K xo

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cafedave said...

I remember on a year-12 muck up day someone at my school brought eggs to school, and told another student about it. This second student kicked the bag that had the eggs in it (thinking it would be funny). The first student was worried, opened his bag to check on the eggs, and a teacher walked past, confiscated the eggs and put the student on detention.

Ah, schooldays.