Thursday, December 16, 2004

Just another day at the office....

Although it would be funnier if it were The Office (without Gareth, of course). Some of you will already know that I work at the local school from time to time (this time it has been 2 weeks). Now, here's a question for the over 25's - when "we" were at school was the remedy for nearly every injury etc "Grab an Ice Pack"? Are kids in more scrapes these days or are they just soft?

What amazes me even more is that if a kid is sick, covering/cleaning up with sawdust is "so 80's" they have special stuff (or even funky new sick bags) to clear it away.

I still wouldn't swap it for the corporate world!!!

Kath xo

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cafedave said...

Wow. I remember the sawdust on the playground. Happy times (although I don't think it was ever me needing the sawdust: my worst offence was fainting, but that's another story).