Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Fire's Out

Last week was a bit-too-much-on-my-plate kind of week. The stress subsided after Kid's Friday Live on Friday night. It was the Christmas party, and this year it was a real success (except for a couple of cheeky (but harmless) kids). This year was a real difference to last year. We also have a praise point - one of the other girls (ladies?) from Church has offered background help on KFL nights - Praise God!!!

On the Sean front - he's 7 months old now and nearly crawling. He also smiles a lot (not like his grumpy Mum!). He listens to Vege Tales (just hope he doesn't develop a complex about eating cucumbers and tomatoes...) and likes to dance around - they grow up too fast!

Kath xo

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Unknown said...

praise God for vege tales!!!! i am planning on getting alex the christmas one to counteract all the commercial santa bullshit around at the moment (how come christmas is more about santa than CHRIST? maybe we should start to call it "Santamas"????

blackmore's women's stress formula should help some. find a babysitter and have a nice dinner out with ian- you need it for your sanity and you deserve it too!!!!