Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Visiting Jen in Walgett. It's 712km from filling up at Gloucester yesterday morning to Jen's. Not sure if I took the shortest route, but with Sean in tow, things just take that *bit* longer - I'm sure Erika can relate!

Ate at Cafe 64 this morning - no photo, just a lot of orange out the front, and some pretty good coffee on the inside (and great service!). Makes a change from my stop at Dunedoo where there was a sign up "Instant Coffee now available $2.50" - they would have had to give it away to get me to think about drinking it (I still had 3 hours to drive).

Q: is it wrong to Panadol your child to keep them quiet in the car?

Kath xo

PS: Panadol came up as "vandal" in spellcheck! Oh, the irony!


Anonymous said...

as long as you're using kids panadol.

Unknown said...

i hear dimetapp works just as well (not on my kid - when ive given it to her (just for a cold, not sedation) it had absolutely no sedative effect)

Kathryn said...

Yes, it's kid's panadol - I'm just too chicken to bring out the big guns (phenergen).