Thursday, May 10, 2007

How soon is too soon?

I went to a job interview yesterday for a job that teeters on my interests more than my previous experience. I had a really good feeling about the people I would have been working for and their business "plan" (it's a new franchise). In today's snail-mail I received the 'thanks for coming' letter. To me this is a little too efficient... especially since I saw them walking out of the post office yesterday...

Thoughts? Feel free to include interview horror stories!

Kath :)

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cafedave said...

Many years ago, I went for an interview in a place that seemed even worse than the place I wanted to leave. When a company in one industry is taken over by one in another, unrelated industry, and they speak of the contempt that their IT team has for them, it's a serious warning sign.

I'm glad I didn't pursue the job. Hopefully, you'll find the same thing - sending out such letters is a friendly touch, but at least wait a day, surely?