Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday on my mind...

Well, today has been one of my busiest days this week - but who am I to complain? I get to work and watch Oprah at the same time!

At the moment I am finalising my Nutrimetics Shower Gel Fundraising Drive (each group nominates a different project to raise funds for) and putting out my Mother's Day catalogue & newsletter.

I currently have a couple of hundred Shower Gels smelling pretty in my lounge room! (If you have a non-profit organisation you would like to raise funds for, email me at with 'Nutrimetics Fundraising' as the subject!) and I would love to help your organisation achieve their goals!

Apart from that I have been sorting out mine & Ian's new Sure Slim programme... so you should see less of us in the future ;)

Kath xo

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