Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Long Weekend, or Long Headache?

I am blogging this as I prepare to leave for Sydney later this morning. My sister Jenny is graduating from University tomorrow. This is the third trip to Sydney for me in two weeks!

The first was for my unit block's strata meeting (the usual suspects had their usual suspect agendas), then last Thurs for Easter. Getting away for Easter long weekend was great, but I had to get re-used to sharing a house with more than one person. By Saturday their were 8 of us (six adults and two kids), I know what they mean by "Eight is Enough" (it's a 70's thing!).

We went non-stop over the long weekend, but it was great. Apologies to anyone we didn't see but here it goes...

Thurs Night - Sureslim appt then on to Mum & Dad's (Ian's parents)
Friday - Church, then to Mr & Mrs Thoms' for Lunch (you never starve in that house!), then to the Cufers for dinner (Ian & Mike went fishing, while I helped keep Wendy's sanity with the 3 kids)
Saturday - Saw Grandma (Ian's) - she's 103 years old. Grandma insisted that Ian & I go to the Blarney stone... and take her with us! (I hope she's paying!). We then went on to lunch with Paul at his fab pad at Cronulla - yes, I miss The SHIRE!!!! At night we were back at Ian's parents.
Sunday - Church, then on to my parents' place. Never has "we'll bring a salad" caused so much chaos! Anyway, lunch was good - Nana (age not disclosed ;)) seemed to enjoy herself the most which is good. Sunday afternoon we caught up with Auntie Marg & Uncle Bob (Ian's Aunt & Uncle) who are really cool, then back home to Ian's parents' for a family dinner. The lowlight was being forced to watch American Idol, the hilight was time with Dominic & Madeleine (my princess :)). Anthony also popped in which was great - haven't seen him in a while.
Monday - Back home to Gloucester!!! 20/4: Sorry Andrea!!! I left out our lovely (if I do say so myself) lunch with Andrea! I am surprised that she didn't make me sleep on the couch on my return trip for that one! (but that's a separate story...)

Amazingly in all of that Adriaan's Kid's talk at Church helped me focus on the real reason that we celebrate Easter. For those of you who are Sydney based, Hurstville Presbyterian Church is running a Christianity Explored course. Look them up on the internet or email me at for more info...

And I am going back for more!!!

K xo

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