Monday, May 30, 2005

A New Life?

Yes, I am still alive! It's been a hectic week (most of it seems to be spent feeding Sean) but I thank God for the good times I have had with friends and family. This last week I have (due to my 30th Birthday) had a lot of chats with people over the phone and some time with friends and family (mostly not B'day connected). It was great having my sister Jen here for a few days, and meeting up with Kel & Dave for lunch. What was also good was a couple of my Gloucester friends taking me to coffee at Perenti (a fantastic coffee mecca in Gloucester) for my big day. To top it off, my cousin Janelle just called me, which was cool as we are both as slack as each other in the communication stakes!

Today we had Sean's 6 week check up at the Community Health Centre. All is good - he's putting on weight (thankfully he's meant to!) and is fairly happy at the moment. Mummy is doing well too - they get you to fill in a questionaire which essentially checks if you are suffering PND (post-natal depression). The good news is that they don't make you do this test while child is screaming at 3am!

Okay, so not the most interesting blog, but it just about sums up my "new life".

Kath xo

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cafedave said...

He's very cute. We had a great lunch - always good to catch up face-to-face.