Monday, August 22, 2005

GO THE DRAGONS!!!! Well, the Dragons' (St George Illawarra) form has certainly been something to write home about. With their 25-22 point victory over the Eels yesterday at Kogarah (Oki Jubilee Stadium) no one could slam them. Even 2GB (we were listening to the game on the radio on the way home from Sydney (yes, we drove past the oval on the way)) played an "ode" to them... They are no 3 in the Rugby League top 8 at the moment.

This has got me thinking. To be more exact, it has got me thinking about the loss of faith many of us Dragons supporters have had over the past few years. With 3 coaches in 5 years and the last great captain was Mark Coyne (sorry Brownie, but it's true) back in the late 90's. Is it really the coach or captain's fault exclusively when a team fails to deliver? I must admit I now think not. In the absence of true leadership the followers will stray.

This is the issue that has been brought up in the media over the past week in relation the the Wallabies (Rugby Union for those who don't know).

Your thoughts?

Kath :)

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Barb Totterdell said...

I will grump about you beating the Eels :(
More of a rugby supporter than ever (union and league)... got a Wallabies top for my 30th from friends.