Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's good for you...

How many times have we been told to do something because it's good for us? Reading Dr Vale's blog yesterday ( reminded me of things we do because of habit, or in the case of children, because we are told we must.

Lately Sean and I have been cleaning our teeth together in the morning. I take my part of this task for granted, after all I have been cleaning my own teeth for near on 30 years. For Sean it is a new habit. I didn't realise how much he has taken note until he produced his toothbrush (with "paste") mid afternoon yesterday.

Reading Dr Vale's blog made me ponder on our habits - however simple, like the soap we use. It also made me think about those things that we don't really notice, but are part of our habits (ie we file them under "routine"). Coffee, email reading, etc make up part of my mornings. How often are our routines (especially if you are house-based) really productive? I will tell you after my 2nd cup of coffee...

K :)

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