Friday, April 20, 2007

Sean's 2, Job Hunting etc

Yesterday my little moo (Sean) turned 2!!! I haven't uploaded any photos yet, but suffice to say the little tacker is an assassin with wrapping paper! He's also very good at eating cup-cakes and has *finally* learnt to give me cuddles that use both his arms and make me feel loved. Certainly a big difference from last year's birthday.

On the job front, I am looking for casual/part time work again. I have also put in an application for a full time job that has a lot of plusses (good experience, basically the same money as I was earning when I left Sydney), but is a fair way from home. I also sent out several cold call emails and another application today (24 in total)... We'll see...

Kath :)

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Unknown said...

good luck on the job front. I'm praying that you'll get something great!