Thursday, August 25, 2005

The New 'Today' Show Weather Guy?

This morning the Today Show (Ch 9) presented its weather segments from Gloucester. Here's a photo of Sean with Steve Jacobs (and me !?!).

Kath :)

Monday, August 22, 2005

GO THE DRAGONS!!!! Well, the Dragons' (St George Illawarra) form has certainly been something to write home about. With their 25-22 point victory over the Eels yesterday at Kogarah (Oki Jubilee Stadium) no one could slam them. Even 2GB (we were listening to the game on the radio on the way home from Sydney (yes, we drove past the oval on the way)) played an "ode" to them... They are no 3 in the Rugby League top 8 at the moment.

This has got me thinking. To be more exact, it has got me thinking about the loss of faith many of us Dragons supporters have had over the past few years. With 3 coaches in 5 years and the last great captain was Mark Coyne (sorry Brownie, but it's true) back in the late 90's. Is it really the coach or captain's fault exclusively when a team fails to deliver? I must admit I now think not. In the absence of true leadership the followers will stray.

This is the issue that has been brought up in the media over the past week in relation the the Wallabies (Rugby Union for those who don't know).

Your thoughts?

Kath :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RIP Barbie?

I noticed an article in the Sydney Morning Herald ( that shows the loss in popularity that Barbie is facing. Her competition? Bratz Dolls. Yes, dolls that are like evil teenage versions of Barbie. How do I know this (apart from the article). I have been know to purchase them in recent years for my niece. In fact, as we speak, I have some Bratz paraphanalia on layby at Kmart!

So what is the appeal of Bratz over Barbie? In my honest opinion, there is only one. Bratz dolls are a little more realistic in the physical department. I am a Barbie girl from way back (although I only had Sindy dolls when I was little - Jen got the Barbies...). Barbie is elegant, stylish, rides a Harley (but you shell out the bikkies for these) and has nicer looking stuff than Bratz dolls.


Kath xo

Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's all in a day's work...

Firstly.... GO THE DRAGONS!!!! I have no sympathy for any Bronco's fans out there - see you in the finals!!! The photo on the left is Sean (taken about a month ago) - see, even a child could predict the fantastic victory!!! ;)

On Friday I went back to work - it's just a day per fortnight in the local school office, but it was enjoyable. Sean went to Tina's (his family day-care person) and I went off to work. By about 9.30 I had adjusted to the separation anxiety...

We'll see how it all goes - Sean seemed to enjoy himself, he slept most of the time!!!

Kath xo

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Speed-Hump Day...

Well, the title says it all... It's Wednesday, and the middle of the week. The week started off well, in Sydney infact. I started Monday morning with a trip to the MECCA of the South (ie God's Land (GL for short)), Miranda Fair. Guess what? They have a KRISPY KREME stall there!!!! YUM!!! I managed to resist (just) but will definately visit on my next trip to GL.

Yesterday I was at home all day, today at a Creative Memories Workshop...

Kath xo
Reading: not much, attempting Sue Townsend's Public Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman (thanks Andrea)
Watching: The Bill, the office (series 1) Washing: 4 loads yesterday

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Up and Down...

This week and a bit is a bit of a mixed bag... The anniversary of my friend Paul's death and funeral, and the anniversary of finding out that I was having Sean. I keep hovering emotionally thinking about Paul, and how Sean never met his "Uncle". That's not to discount all Sean's other Uncles and Aunties (biological or otherwise), but Paul's passing somehow seems to hit me harder. Sometimes I think it's because I live so far away from the others (ie our mutual group of friends from Sydney) and don't "live" with Paul not being there... other times I think I am lucky because there are less constant reminders here...

Kath xo

PS There is a Smithy calendar this month on - yay (even though it's not as good as the last one)!!!