Tuesday, March 22, 2005

2W6D - but who's counting?

Well most of the bags (yes, that's plural) are packed, the lists of who to call (and who to ask to pass on the news) are being compiled, the names sorted (don't worry, they're pronouncable, much to my protest, I love the unpronouncable Irish ones) and I am doing silly things like making Neenish Tarts (ref: cafedave comment yesterday) which I have never made (or had the inclination to) before.

Nearly everything revolves around the baby's soon to be arrival at the moment, but that's pretty normal from what I'm told. Ian will just be happy when I stop snoring like a train!

If anyone has any ideas for names (that we may not have thought of) or some real (or silly) advice (no major horror stories thanks, it's going to be me, not you on the slab) feel free to put forward - I could do with a laugh!

Kath xo

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well my planned extra blogging hasn't eventuated. Since my movement is a bit limited at the moment, there is pretty much nothing that I can do. Thank you for your comments/emails/ msn messenger notes of support, they have helped get me through the last 8 days.

My last week has been as follows:

Wake up, eat, watch TV/DVD or read, check email and surf the net a bit, drive down to the shops and do whatever shopping I can as quickly as possible and come home. I have also been cooking and freezing for the coming weeks/months.

Thankfully there have been a few outings, but they are confined to Gloucester and only for short periods of time.

Now I don't want to seem whingy and ungrateful, but this would all sit (ha!) a lot happier with me if I could bank sleep/rest etc. In no more than 3 weeks, 2 days (I hope you are listening Doc, I am not going to take this "let's go a few days over") our little bundle of joy is going to be here (earlier if it is as impatient as its mum) and all this will be a thing of the past.

Actually (if I haven't bored you to death already) has anyone been served a Carrot and Pineapple dish (I think it has gelatin and is made in a ring) before? Very interesting... tasted better than it sounds...

Kath xo (the grump - I promise, it's only temporary)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Pilgrim: Out with Injury for 4 weeks...

No it's not a headline for the St George Leader Sports Page (in ref to my beloved Dragons). I have been sidelined (effective last night) by my Obstetrician for high blood pressure and swollen feet that won't go down. If I do rest I lessen my chances of landing in hospital pre-birth (but there are no guarantees). Now this isn't unusual for particularly first-time mums, but your prayers and support would be greatly appreciated as this is not easy for a girl who always was put in the "fidget" queue at Physical Culture when she was little.

Hopefully this means more blogs (although I cannot guarantee that they will be action packed).

Kath xo

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Okay, let's put it straight - I said I was a very slack blogger and people are now asking me if I am ever going to blog again... :) I just got back from 1.5 weeks in Sydney/Sth Coast and had to watch The Bill before blogging. Those are my priorities, so live with it!!!

Speaking of priorities, our little bundle of joy/bub/four-leaf-clover (it's 1/4 Irish) is due in 4 weeks 6 days (if it is right on time). I am very excited and totally over carrying it! Last Saturday my sister Jen threw me a great Baby Shower and Bubs and I were spoilt rotten!!!

Tomorrow I am doing my first aid course and I finally get to relax from this Sunday... I just hope bubs doesn't take it upon itself to come on Monday...

Anyway will try to blog a bit more frequently in the next couple of weeks...

Kath xo