Saturday, March 19, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well my planned extra blogging hasn't eventuated. Since my movement is a bit limited at the moment, there is pretty much nothing that I can do. Thank you for your comments/emails/ msn messenger notes of support, they have helped get me through the last 8 days.

My last week has been as follows:

Wake up, eat, watch TV/DVD or read, check email and surf the net a bit, drive down to the shops and do whatever shopping I can as quickly as possible and come home. I have also been cooking and freezing for the coming weeks/months.

Thankfully there have been a few outings, but they are confined to Gloucester and only for short periods of time.

Now I don't want to seem whingy and ungrateful, but this would all sit (ha!) a lot happier with me if I could bank sleep/rest etc. In no more than 3 weeks, 2 days (I hope you are listening Doc, I am not going to take this "let's go a few days over") our little bundle of joy is going to be here (earlier if it is as impatient as its mum) and all this will be a thing of the past.

Actually (if I haven't bored you to death already) has anyone been served a Carrot and Pineapple dish (I think it has gelatin and is made in a ring) before? Very interesting... tasted better than it sounds...

Kath xo (the grump - I promise, it's only temporary)

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Julie said...

I think you've earned the right to be as grumpy as you like :D