Monday, December 12, 2005

I am who I am...

Many of you will call me racist, and going by many definitions, I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that you have the right to leave a country if you don't agree with its laws and don't wish to participate in its culture.

In fact I believe the biggest form of racism is lack of assimilation (ref: paraphrase of Barbeluik). As far as I am concerned black, white, yellow, Middle Eastern, Asian, whatever, if you are prepared to love and respect our country and the people in it, then you are welcome here. Sure, there are some cultures/races that I like less than others, but I don't actively go out to cause them trouble. I may boycott Halal products where possible, and businesses that are obviously racist against Australians (ie signs totally in other languages, staff that ignore etc), but NEVER like this...

By now most of you would have heard about the "race riots" in Cronulla over the weekend. What you may not know is that many of the original aggressors are in fact long term residents and even citizens of Australia. What worries me is that (on BOTH sides) how can anyone who was raised (and particularly educated) in this country think that their behaviour (both the original aggressors and the rioters) is acceptable? In KINDERGARTEN you are taught "use friendly hands" - did these people skip Kindy?

How dare anyone attack innocent citizens (ie the people who just happened to be in Cronulla) let alone Ambulance Officers and Lifeguards. Australian, Middle Eastern, in this case I don't care who it was. Show some respect - if not for others, for yourselves and the Ambo's and Lifeguards.

Yes, I am proud to be racist - if you don't want to abide by this country's ethos (let alone laws) - go elsewhere - I do not welcome you or YOUR racism against Australians (whether Australian by birth or naturalisation) here.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Did anyone pray for rain?

Many of you know that I have been praying for guidance and that numbers increase for Kids Friday Live. On Friday night we had the Church's Christmas event (which I had invited the kids to bring their families to). Not only did 2 sets of parents attend (ie come in the door) but HEAPS of kids and some carers (they stayed outside). Praise God!!!! Here's to the others coming inside next year (with their carers/parents).

Kath xo

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

He's not Baby Jesus, he's my son...

It's been around 40 degrees for the past few days - thank God for aircon (seriously, he made it happen financially).

What a week Sean has had...
  1. Yesterday when I went to collect him from care the carer said "he might be a bit sweaty - the other kids were trying to wrap him up to be "Baby Jesus"". Awww :) I knew two of the other kids which made it doubly cute.
  2. On Sunday, he had his first swim (Gloucester pool). Surprisingly it was still worth it after the Swim-nappy, rash shirt and pants, babybanz (v.cute) and sunscreen. In true fashion my son ditched the baby banz... and I forgot the camera!
  3. Caught him watching The Simpsons tonight...

Kath xo