Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The last few weeks...

I have been just crusin' along the last few weeks, nothing has really jumped out at me as being 'blog-worthy' at the time, but looking back...
  • Went to Sydney for Uncle Stan's funeral (early May). It was a beautiful service, a good time to honour a great bloke and a true gentleman to boot.
  • Had the famous "how soon is too soon" job interview (see previous post) and still have not had a lot of action on the job front.
  • Mother's Day - very quiet... Ian was exhausted from the previous day's fishing at Forster. Don't be too hard on him, he rarely gets to go, it was just bad timing.
  • Sean's accident. If you haven't heard as yet, Sean has bumped his front teeth. He was climbing on a bookshelf at daycare (that his carers had told him not to) and it fell on him, splitting his top lip, knocking back one of his top teeth and chipping off half of the other top front tooth. We are thankful that adult teeth should be here in about 3 years! Also, after my HICAPS claim, it only cost us $8 for the dentist visits (yes, there were two).
  • My Birthday... 25 since 2000! I share the day with Drew Carey, Joan Collins, Seabiscuit (he and Joan were born 1933) and Rosemary Clooney...

That's about it...

Kath :)

Letters from Afar...

Today we received a letter from our sponsor child, M, in Africa. This was the first time that Sean has had any real knowledge of him. It was actually M's report card and a photo. I realised trying to explain why this little African boy was sending Mummy a photo was going to be hard, so we are going to "introduce" Sean to his sponsor-brother (?) M tonight when Ian gets home.

Kath :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Taree - Tropical Coffee Co

I have decided to post more reviews on Hunter/Mid North Coast, Family and just Fabbo Cafes and food places... Feel free to email me 'guest reviews' if you find stuff in said categories.

Tropical Coffee Co (Pulteney Arcade, Taree)
I stumbled across this little gem when I (seriously) felt God guide me down an arcade I don't normally frequent in Taree yesterday. The atmosphere was tastefully islandesque with quite a few tables, but still a comfortable amount of room.

Service was very prompt - but not too prompt (see previous post). Staff seemed very genuine in wanting to help and were just as happy when I 'just wanted a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich' for lunch. It came with a small side of sprouts and a scattering of potato crisps on the top.

I broke with tradition and had the Rose Grey tea ($3.50) which came in a 3 cup plunger. The first cup was great, but the second (and it's my fault) was plunged too long for my liking.

Opening hours 7am-3pm Mon-Fri. They're not open weekends because, simply they don't need to be. They are booked out nearly every morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, so if you're in the area best to get in early. Would be an ideal place to sit and write/blog for a little while.

How soon is too soon?

I went to a job interview yesterday for a job that teeters on my interests more than my previous experience. I had a really good feeling about the people I would have been working for and their business "plan" (it's a new franchise). In today's snail-mail I received the 'thanks for coming' letter. To me this is a little too efficient... especially since I saw them walking out of the post office yesterday...

Thoughts? Feel free to include interview horror stories!

Kath :)