Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For any (other) Smithy tragics out there...


(if you can't follow link go to (see link on side) and go to the interactive then games pages).

Kath ;)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

News Flood...

Usually there 'ain't much happenin' in my world that is blog-worthy. This week there seems to be quite a bit that I feel I should pass on...

Firstly we're glad to hear that dave is on the mend. Welcome back mate!

Sean is getting even better at walking. He now walks to the car (ie ours) and says "car car". He also runs over your feet with his ride-on car.

Talking of bubs, Stump the Pastor has an interesting article on Baby Wigs. If your little munchkin is like Sean, it is something that they will never need but is amusing anyway.

Dr Maya Vale - a well respected Sydney based Christian "blog commentator" has had a few good posts lately. Well worth checking out at Dr Vale I am sure would welcome invitations for speaking engagements (prices on application).

Off to Sydney for a brief trip this afternoon - trying to get ahead with my Christmas shopping - back Friday.

Kath :)