Sunday, March 26, 2006

St George Illawarra 44 - Rabbitohs 10 !!!

Firsty, I would like to apologise to Nathan Brown and the Dragons. I really had a bad feeling back in round 1 that this year was going to start off like the past few years. Today's result restored my confidence.


Kath :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Visiting Jen in Walgett. It's 712km from filling up at Gloucester yesterday morning to Jen's. Not sure if I took the shortest route, but with Sean in tow, things just take that *bit* longer - I'm sure Erika can relate!

Ate at Cafe 64 this morning - no photo, just a lot of orange out the front, and some pretty good coffee on the inside (and great service!). Makes a change from my stop at Dunedoo where there was a sign up "Instant Coffee now available $2.50" - they would have had to give it away to get me to think about drinking it (I still had 3 hours to drive).

Q: is it wrong to Panadol your child to keep them quiet in the car?

Kath xo

PS: Panadol came up as "vandal" in spellcheck! Oh, the irony!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

100th Post & Dragon eaten by Tiger!

I believe this is my 100th post. Firstly I would like to thank Ian for being understanding about sometimes finding out what I'm thinking via blog. Secondly I have to thank dave and all the crew (well it's really him and kel (hugs to you kel)) @ cafedave. Last, and not least, thank you Sean, my little source of inspiration, perspiration, frustration and cuddles.

Now, on a more serious note. Nathan, (you know who you are) I am not pleased. I trust that you won't let the Panthers get the better of the boys next week. Only 8 days to go - use the time well. Do not put me to shame in the family tipping comp!

K :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

50 and not out...

Last weekend some of you may have seen me darting about in Sydney. We were down for Ian's Parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary. The family got together and threw them a surprise 50th Birthday party at a local Chinese Restaurant.

On Sunday morning we had a cake at Church morning tea. Surprised? You bet!

However, all the partying took its toll - Ian, Sean & I woke up yesterday with Gastro... and we had to call Ian's parents up here to help with Sean.

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad P!!!

K xo