Friday, December 31, 2004

XMAS - Isn't that a skin disorder?!?

Well time does fly! I had intended to blog prior to and straight after the Christmas break, but it was not to be.

So much has happened (as usual) since my last blog. I have calmed down from my "XMAS" rage and have for the moment un-boycotted businesses etc who display the satanic "XMAS" instead of CHRISTMAS in their stores. I am going to get in early with my campaigning next year. They wouldn't do it to a Jew and definitely not to a Muslim so they should show respect (since they are all happy to take advantage of the CHRISTIAN celebrations to make sales and other religious groups are more than happy to use the public holidays to suit their own needs) and keep their anti-Christian bigotry to themselves. Trust me, this is much calmer than I was a week ago. What saddens me is how many Christians use the short-hand "XMAS". Why can't they use "C'mas" like I do. This works as we often use our initials (eg. K) as a shortcut to names.

On a less heated topic... I scored some really cool gifts for Christmas (hereafter known as C'mas). Ian gave me The Office Christmas Special (10 points!), my sister gave me a plug-and-play Atari joystick (a huge hit with my hubby, niece and nephew) as revenge for the 80's Bratz Doll I gave her for her 25th Birthday, and another friend gave me Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. I finished reading it this morning - it only took me 3 days (approx 2-4 hour sittings) to read 460 odd pages. This is a RECORD for me! Oh Adrian, you have an ally when it comes to David Beckham's lack of grammar!!!

Christmas day was good - the only hiccup was 2 cousins (one from each family) one turned up to Christmas lunch 10 hours late and another kept up on a topic that I didn't want to talk about (telling them that "X is a sore-spot with me" didn't phase them... good thing you can choose your friends). So all in all not too bad. Top points to Auntie Marg who made the biscuit/cake base Rocky Road!!!

As cafedave stated we caught up with our friends (or extended family) on Boxing Day after evening Church at Zimme's. We loved seeing them all again and hope it won't be too long between visits.

Anyway tonight is New Year's Eve in Gloucester (I can only assume it has trickled out to other places too!) and we are going to a small (but nicely numbered) party nearby. Our friend Nina has told us that there is going to be Karioke (I have no idea how to spell it) - only Ian and I are going to be totally alcohol free, so at least we will have more on our friends than they will have on us.

Happy New Year folks,

Kath xo

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Just another day at the office....

Although it would be funnier if it were The Office (without Gareth, of course). Some of you will already know that I work at the local school from time to time (this time it has been 2 weeks). Now, here's a question for the over 25's - when "we" were at school was the remedy for nearly every injury etc "Grab an Ice Pack"? Are kids in more scrapes these days or are they just soft?

What amazes me even more is that if a kid is sick, covering/cleaning up with sawdust is "so 80's" they have special stuff (or even funky new sick bags) to clear it away.

I still wouldn't swap it for the corporate world!!!

Kath xo

Saturday, December 04, 2004

So Have you Figured out What Happened to the EGG?

The egg was seized (see previous post), cracked into a bowl and microwaved (thank you Ian!!!). You should have seen the expression on the kid's face!!!

Warning!!! Baby-talk alert!!!

Things have gotten a lot bigger lately, namely my belly and ankles! My belly now sticks out further than my chest (not easy if you know me). I can't even confidently cut my toe nails and shave my legs - and I am only 22 weeks (5 1/2 months)!!! The irony is that the lady who does my nails for special occasions (or "emergencies" such as this) is pregnant too!!! It is only a matter of time before it will be hilarious watching her get over her bump to get to my toes!!! (If you are reading this "H" you do the best job, but you gotta see the humour!!!).

K xoxo

Monday, November 29, 2004

When is a Weapon not a Weapon?

Q: If you saw a kid hanging around with an egg (not boiled) - would you be suspicious as to what they were up to?

Well, I was. On Friday night at the youth group Christmas Party a kid rocked up with an egg, and couldn't understand why we confiscated it. This kid and his mates were causing a bit of trouble, so we were hesitant to believe that his motives were pure. I will admit it was hard to keep a straight face when explaining that the egg was a "weapon" and hence we could not accept it being at youth group as the property had been egged on previous occasions (it's a Church hall).

What would you do in this situation? I bet you will never guess Ian's response...

K xo

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

She's Baaack!!!

Okay, so it's been a while since I have last blogged. And yes, it's all my fault! So much has happened (mostly building & baby stuff so I won't bore you all to death), but the main thing is that (major spoiler here for The Bill fans) Smithy is safe. (ref: Spoiler blog).

Okay, even more important than Smithy's safety is a very big THANK YOU to dave (and the ever patient Kel) for spring cleaning this blog site for me. Thank you to those of you who have provided feedback on the new format.

Anyway, enough for now....

Kath xo

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rain Rain Go Away...

Yes, that's right! I am (for the moment) over the rain! Gloucester (like many other places on the Mid-North & North Coast) has become a lakeside town overnight! We have gone from praying for rain, to asking for a temporary (ie a few days) of "pause" from the big wet.

The Avon River was like a lake with Bonsai trees yesterday, and waters thankfully have subsided a bit today.

Kath xo
Reading: Angels by Marian Keyes, Listening: Radio, Watching: 10 year old The Bill tapes and seeing what I want to keep and what I want to ditch.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Any TV (particularly The Bill) fans out there will be able to relate to this. Don't you hate it when someone comes up to you knowing that you watch a particular show without checking if you saw the last episode and tells you what happened... and as it happens you didn't see the last episode?

I was thinking about this in a more web-based way. Every Saturday(Sydney time) is updated with next week's episodes in the UK (which are 6 months or so ahead of Australia). I can't resist looking them up. As I type this I am waiting for tomorrow to come with great enthusiasm because I find out what happens to one of my favourite characters, Smithy (Sgt Dale Smith, played by Alex Walkinshaw). For me I was in shock when I got the cliff-hanger (as such) from last week's episode rundown.

Sometimes we treat life like this. We hunt out the spoilers (finding out what is going to happen in the future) when we really have no right to (apart from the fact that Jesus (the Messiah) is going to return). We try to play God with things like fortune tellers and wealth-creation schemes and even insurance (although it is wise to be insured). What do we gain from this?

In the smaller picture (using the example of The Bill) you know if it's worth watching the show, setting the VCR if you are out or even having a few fellow fans over to share the experience of the particular story-line.

The bigger picture is that we forget that God is in control and has our best interests at heart. Sometimes this is hard to grasp, especially if you are a Christian and things are not going well for you at this particular time (or even hasn't been for years). My favourite book of the Bible, Ecclesiastes outlines this over and over again by showing us that everything that is not from God, is meaningless (ie doesn't last/fulfill)... even The Bill!

Kath xo

Thursday, October 14, 2004


No, I'm not talking about the song they play at some of the Dragon's matches, but infact the 37 degree heat up here in Gloucester! Even Sydney copped it yesterday.

This morning I helped out at my Church's Playtime Group. It wasn't too bad - the kids were too tired from the heat to squeal and shreek at the top of their lungs. Quite a good group, and the mums are friendly.

I have been thinking recently about how much I used to take for granted. Just simple things like taking myself off on little (ha!) trips around the countryside are a non event now (both with my tiredness and the price of petrol (you are lucky if you can get unleaded in Gloucester/Taree/Forster for under 114c per litre!) makes it prohibitable). I am actually getting around to doing things that I have put on the backburner for a while.

Anyway, not the world's most exciting post today, so feel free to email me with suggestions on how to make it better!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

To RSVP or not to RSVP, that is the question!

This is a subject that has bothered me for a long time - the RSVP question. (For those of you who can't get the link above it's blogged on (6 Oct)).

We live in a society where people think it's okay to turn up to Weddings without even a phone call to the couple or their parents (depending on who is hosting the Wedding) to indicate that they are coming. Sorry, but this is plain rude.

Why does this irate me so? Well, think about it - you plan anything from a morning tea for four to a Wedding for 300 guests (thankfully it wasn't my Wedding) and you like to know how many people to expect. Ian & I regularly have Football nights (League and Union incase any misguided Europeans are reading this) and have a "just turn up" invitation. That said, we know we can expect anything from none to a dozen or so people. It's no skin off our nose, because anyone who knows me knows that I am a "packet caterer" unless it's a sit-down dinner (which I usually get Ian to cook anyway!). If this was a Wedding/21st etc you could end up with 50 people instead of 110 - this could cost you thousands!!!

What I am saying is this - if you care anything about the person who gives you an invitation for any event/party, show them you care by replying to their kind invitation by either the means they request or if that's too hard for you, give them a call. If you think that it's a load of unnecessary rubbish, then it's time you thought of what that person means to you, because it is probably different to what you mean to them, and I have been hurt by this in the past.

And now for the positive (yep, left it to the end) if you are sending out invites, a novel way I heard about a few years ago was putting "RSVP with regrets" meaning that people only needed to RSVP if they weren't coming... worth a thought!

Kath xo

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

195 more sleeps*... and then none!

Well for those of you who have not heard yet - There is going to be a little Pilgrim gracing our (hopefully new) home come April (approx* 11th). So now is the time for the child-haters among you to bid us farewell!!!

It's amazing the miracle of life that a child is. So far my son/daughter has brought about (approx) 3 GP visits, 4 blood tests, 2 Scans and an Obstetrician visit (with a bonus scan) - and it is only 12 weeks old!!! I go to different Medicare offices to claim each time as I am a little embarrassed about how much this is costing us!

So for the time being I am treasuring my nausea, naps (don't laugh, it is a hard slog getting through 7.30am-3pm without a nodd off) and aversion to most foods (although Indian is one of the few things I can happily digest). Thankfully the advice I have been given is practical and useful (and mostly given by people who have had at least one child in the past 10 years).

This may all sound "gross" or daunting, but mark my words when you (and your partner) first see that little hearbeat, or those tiny legs and arms waving around, you know it is all worth it (well until the dirty nappies and sleepless nights rear their ugly head)!

Kath xo

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!

As usual, a lot has happened since my last post. I am still on good hours at the local school (today I was lucky enough to re-arrange the uniform display outside the Principal's office while one of the kindy kids were trying to get out of doing their work) and I am still running round like a mad thing doing things that just over 12 months ago I would not be caught doing!

Life isn't always like this though... a couple of weeks ago Ian and I went to Sydney for our friend Anthony's wedding - on a Thursday... Now, Anthony, I say this as a sister - that's strange, even for you!!! We had great fun sharing Anthony & Jeannette's special day and look forward to seeing them this weekend.

We then came home for a week and then it was back down the Pacific Highway to Sydney and then Vincentia for "Holidays". Yes, I use the term loosely. You see, we are currently selling our Sydney property and buying a block of land up here in Gloucester and then popping a mansion (in my own mind) on top of it. Yes, we are mad. No, we didn't get a very long holiday (but we did enjoy the lack of alarm clock for a few days!).

One of the highlights was seeing the Dragons (the mightly St George Illawarra) play Penrith on Friday night up at Penrith. No, I really don't want to talk about the narrow defeat of my beloved Dragons, or the "old enough to be my son" security guard who stopped me from getting an autograph from Nathan Brown, so I will focus on the Krispy Kreme Donuts instead.

This is the point where I lovingly blame Dave of for mentioning them to me in the first place. I HAD to seek them out!!! It got so bad in fact that Ian and I HAD to stop by the Botany Krispy Kreme store on our way home on Sunday to get supplies!!!

It was hard going back to the kiddies on Monday...

K xo

Monday, August 23, 2004


It's amazing how little or how much a person can change in a year. Take this last 12 months (or slightly more). I have gone from a city loving (and still do) washed up yuppie of sorts to looking after country kids at the local school. My days have gone from 10+ caffeine-intensive hours to help with spelling, maths, shoelaces, opening packets of recess, skinned knees, earaches, photocopying (okay, nothing new there) and dealing with "special needs". Even when I do a "full day" it's 8.30-3.15...

My days are filled with "what do I have to bring to craft this week", KYB prep (women's Bible study) and CWA stuff (as well as my many other hats I have these days).

Do I miss my old life? Yes, parts of it. Do I want to go back? No, not really... Just throttle me if I become a farmer... as if the cake-making isn't bad enough!

Kath xo

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Paul - Memories of a Friend and Brother

I'm not going to beat around the bush, but I don't blame anyone who does. Two days ago I said goodbye to a friend and (to me) a brother. Paul Hughes was a great guy, and although it wasn't appropriate to share this at his memorial, I want to share this now. I made these notes the day after his tragic accident as I couldn't focus on anything else really... This is who Paul was, in my eyes...
  • Paul was a very loyal friend who always made us feel good and considered others' needs ahead of his own. He loved his family and his friends.
  • His Faith was strong. Even the last time I saw him (a week before his death) he encouraged me greatly to keep strong in my commitment to Christ, even though his life wasn't rosy at the time.
  • He spoke about other people with love and respect, even if they had hurt him.
  • He loved the past (eg ABBA, retro things (re-runs etc) even if other's didn't share his appreciation) but looked forward to the future.
  • Paul & Julie gave me a home when things were tough. I have never forgotten this kind gesture of several years ago, but it cemented my friendship with Paul and showed me the person he was.

Paul was excited about coming up to Gloucester to visit Ian & myself in late August. We had even put a date to it. Paul, we wish you were here, but know that where you are is even better than the Shire (even though the Dragons are far better than the Sharks! ;)).

In loving memory of Paul Hughes 1972-2004.

Kath xo

Monday, July 26, 2004


It's always a good thing when it rains in Gloucester... and today it is!  I am at home (what a shock!) doing various things that resemble domesticity.  I even cooked Ian tuna and veges for lunch...

Looking forward to a low-key but hopefully productive week.  I really don't want to drive our courtesy car a lot, not that there's anything wrong with it, but I miss our Forester....

Kath xo

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Yes, that's right.  I was all set to drive back to Gloucester via my friend Lisa's house when my car went under the rear of a ute at Eastwood.  My bonnet is folded in half and the car is now in rehab in Artarmon.

I got driven by the mechanic to the hire car place in  a Z3 (BMW, der..)... will stick to the 3 series - not so close to the ground...

Kath xo

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Early in the morning....

I have just come home from a good night out at my friend Paul's place.  It had been a bit of an "all over the place" day for me (both high and not so high points).  I even got Paul to watch Stingers!!!
It's funny how we take things for granted - it's the simplest things in life that really give life it's value.  Catching up with old friends (I have done a bit of that this week or so) and giving myself time to grow as a person.  A good example of this was catching up with Dave (of 'cafedave' fame).  He made me laugh like I had never been away from Sydney!
I hope this makes sense (I am blogging this at 12.45am so it's not assisted by caffeine).  Travelling back to Gloucester tomorrow... (using my father in law's computer - hope he doesn't mind..).
Kath xo

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Pilgrims in the USA 2005!!!

WHOO HOO! Ian & I are going to the USA late next year. We had planned to go to see Pete & Joni (San Fran) & Julie (NY). Over the weekend (Nutrimetics state seminar) I found out that the International Seminar venue 05 was USA (final destination will be let out of the bag later this year). This means that I can earn my way to the USA!!! (or "More to spend at Tiffany's/Macy's/Bloomingdales/Chanel").

Whoo Hoo!!!


Monday, June 28, 2004

How many days till Friday?

I have a cold. If you know me well enough you may know that I am pathetic when I am sick. I have been fighting this cold since Friday. By Saturday afternoon I was crying out for the Cold & Flu tablets, but being in a country town, nearly all shops are closed between 1pm Sat and 8.30a Monday, so Ian had my whinging until today.

This weekend was good despite my infirmed state. Our Church had a team from Idaho (USA) here for just over a week to help us minister to the community (and to challenge us in the process). God really worked through this team. We have had a lot of non-Church kids in the community respond positively to this group. Any prayer that seeds would be sown in these young people would be greatly appreciated.

On Sat night we had a huge "Aussie Bonfire" at a local farm for the Idaho team. It was such a good night. We had several people make interesting utensils to toast marshmallows on. It's events like this that make living in the country not so bad for a city chick like me!

I also found out a few days ago that Nana has been moved to a Nursing home. It doesn't seem that long ago that she was taking me on bus trips to Manly, Bondi and the like. I guess that time doesn't stop for anyone.

K xo

Monday, June 14, 2004

Back in the land of the living...

Well, I am back in good old Gloucester after my vocational affair with Newcastle. Only God knows what is happening next - which, being the fidgety person that I am, is hard to take...

Funny thing happened recently... We have mice! We are living in an old house and they somehow keep getting in. They take the cheese and or peanut butter left on the trap without setting off the trap. Ian had an idea - he superglued a pumpkin seed to the trap - my response... "Can I blog it?" (Dave, you have taught me so much!). BINGO at least 3 (blind?) mice have met their demise this way.

Kath xo (reading: not enough, movies: (a long weekend marathon) Once upon a time in the Midlands, The night we called it a Day, 8 Mile (unjustly underrated), The life of David Gale, James Bond (whatever the latest (Halle Berry) one was).

Sunday, May 30, 2004

It's been too long!

Forgive me friends for I have sinned - it has been nearly 3 weeks since my last blog...

Kathryn, as usual has been off in her own little world... well, Newcastle actually. The accountant's firm I am working at has kept me on (temping). They seem to like me - I even get to joke around... on Thurs I caught one of the young accountants wearing navy pants and a black tie - NO NO NO!!! I spoke to him about it. This could be a tough ride.... this is the 2nd navy/black offender I have had to endure...

I have also clocked up another year - 29. Where has the time gone? Last time I looked I was 25 and just getting over the headache that was my Wedding. Now I am more all over the place than I was then, and have no idea what I am doing for the rest of my life...

Anyway, bed time strikes again - won't take so long between posts next time (thanks for sticking with me!).

Kath xoxo

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Surrogate Novocastrian

I know... it's been a while... I haven't posted in nearly a month for a lot of reasons. The first being that I have had to get a job (long story) and that means away from Gloucester. My choice (due to lack of employment opportunities elsewhere) has been Newcastle (nearly 2 hours away).

I really like Newcastle (except their Football team play like a bunch of flowers ;) (no offence Chan)) but I am doing the one thing I vowed I never would - WORKING FOR ACCOUNTNANTS!!!!

Anyway, more posting soon... hope you are all alive & kicking :) Feel free to drop me a line in the meantime (I have linked hotmail to my mobile - I love doing moderately tekky things)...

Kath xo

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Long Weekend, or Long Headache?

I am blogging this as I prepare to leave for Sydney later this morning. My sister Jenny is graduating from University tomorrow. This is the third trip to Sydney for me in two weeks!

The first was for my unit block's strata meeting (the usual suspects had their usual suspect agendas), then last Thurs for Easter. Getting away for Easter long weekend was great, but I had to get re-used to sharing a house with more than one person. By Saturday their were 8 of us (six adults and two kids), I know what they mean by "Eight is Enough" (it's a 70's thing!).

We went non-stop over the long weekend, but it was great. Apologies to anyone we didn't see but here it goes...

Thurs Night - Sureslim appt then on to Mum & Dad's (Ian's parents)
Friday - Church, then to Mr & Mrs Thoms' for Lunch (you never starve in that house!), then to the Cufers for dinner (Ian & Mike went fishing, while I helped keep Wendy's sanity with the 3 kids)
Saturday - Saw Grandma (Ian's) - she's 103 years old. Grandma insisted that Ian & I go to the Blarney stone... and take her with us! (I hope she's paying!). We then went on to lunch with Paul at his fab pad at Cronulla - yes, I miss The SHIRE!!!! At night we were back at Ian's parents.
Sunday - Church, then on to my parents' place. Never has "we'll bring a salad" caused so much chaos! Anyway, lunch was good - Nana (age not disclosed ;)) seemed to enjoy herself the most which is good. Sunday afternoon we caught up with Auntie Marg & Uncle Bob (Ian's Aunt & Uncle) who are really cool, then back home to Ian's parents' for a family dinner. The lowlight was being forced to watch American Idol, the hilight was time with Dominic & Madeleine (my princess :)). Anthony also popped in which was great - haven't seen him in a while.
Monday - Back home to Gloucester!!! 20/4: Sorry Andrea!!! I left out our lovely (if I do say so myself) lunch with Andrea! I am surprised that she didn't make me sleep on the couch on my return trip for that one! (but that's a separate story...)

Amazingly in all of that Adriaan's Kid's talk at Church helped me focus on the real reason that we celebrate Easter. For those of you who are Sydney based, Hurstville Presbyterian Church is running a Christianity Explored course. Look them up on the internet or email me at for more info...

And I am going back for more!!!

K xo

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Body of Christ ?!?

I have just been thinking about what has happened sice my last blog entry. Ian and I on Saturday went to stock up for our Sure Slim Quick Loss programme. It was very strange to walk out of the fruit barn with a large foam box of fruit and veg (about 1/4-1/3 has already diminished) - this is not us!!!

Sunday we hit a bit of a wall - Communion! An interesting concept when you cannot have fruit juice or bread and cannot eat between meals - at all. We had an offer of having little water cups for next time, but we will have to miss out on the "Body of Christ" for now. Many would argue the "Oh, no you must take Communion, that is far more important than any diet", but it got me thinking, why do we participate in the Lord's Supper (which is the same as Communion if you are not familiar with the term).

For many (protestant) Churches, they have put their priorities in order in recent years and made known that Communion/The Lord's Supper is for those who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord of their lives. Therefore, to me that lends the question "well then isn't it all about relationship with Christ?"

Absolutely. Christ is the living water and the Word of God (through the Bible) is bread (eg: Matthew 4:4 - Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'[ 4:4 Deut. 8:3] "). We are not to concern ourselves with what we (or anyone else) have at the Lord's table, because that takes our focus off why we are there.

Later that afternoon (I have to put this in!) the DRAGONS (St George Illawarra) SMASHED the Knights (Newcastle) 48-2!!!!!

... and then came Monday...

K xo

Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday on my mind...

Well, today has been one of my busiest days this week - but who am I to complain? I get to work and watch Oprah at the same time!

At the moment I am finalising my Nutrimetics Shower Gel Fundraising Drive (each group nominates a different project to raise funds for) and putting out my Mother's Day catalogue & newsletter.

I currently have a couple of hundred Shower Gels smelling pretty in my lounge room! (If you have a non-profit organisation you would like to raise funds for, email me at with 'Nutrimetics Fundraising' as the subject!) and I would love to help your organisation achieve their goals!

Apart from that I have been sorting out mine & Ian's new Sure Slim programme... so you should see less of us in the future ;)

Kath xo

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Violence of Love

Saw this on "We have never preached violence, except the violence of love, which left Christ nailed to a cross, the violence that we must each do to ourselves to overcome our selfishness and such cruel inequalities among us" – Oscar Romero.

How many (probably all) of us fall short of this? Oscar was a minister in San Salvador who today in 1980 was gunned down during mass. I know that for me at least faith, love and forgiveness are a daily battle. Jesus certainly did not preach tolerance (sorry to all you "do gooders" out there) but love and forgiveness (which is far better in the long run). So how far do I/we fall short of Love? - about as far as Jesus' arms spread when he died for us on the Cross.

Kath xo

Monday, March 22, 2004


Well it has rained pretty much non stop today...

St George Illawarra finally got up those Kiwis (NZ Warriors)!!! (Okay, it was just nice to win!) so my weekend was very good sports wise...

Church camp was good - very tired afterwards, but I got to swim, which is rare for me...

Went shopping today - couldn't bear hanging around the house!

K xo

Friday, March 19, 2004


I wish I was diligent enough to blog every day... Well here we are at Friday... The Friday Night Football is on (Penrith V Canberra - so I am not gagging with interest).

Church Camp at Halliday's Point (I think that is the place) tomorrow - Ian & I are just going for the day, it should be good. I will admit, I am not very enthusiastic about weekend camps at the moment (If anyone can snap me back into enthusiasm, then be my guest).

Kath xo

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Speed Hump Day - Dangerous if you are Irish!

Wednesday... not a very exciting day in Kathryn-land. I did however get a call this morning asking me to come in to the school which was pretty cool (especially the fiscal side of it!). I am looking for temp work at the moment (keeps me off the streets) so anything is a bonus.

Heard last night that my Dad's sister, Auntie Faye died suddenly. She was a lovely person. I am pleased to say that she is in heaven and I will see her again some day. It is always a comfort when you know that for sure...

Happy St Patrick's Day to all the Leprechauns out there!!!

Kath xo

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It's just not Cricket... (thank goodness for that)

It's wet and cold today...

The Dragons (St George Illawarra) played Canberra at home (Oki Jubilee at Kogarah) today and lost. I thought the Dragons were meant to be in-form this season? What's up Brownie, is the racehorse having a better season on the paddock than the lads? Or have Trent (Barrett) and the boys turned into group effort Trent the Flight Steward (ref: The Footy Show). Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that we don't have Austar (the out in the sticks version of Foxtel)...

Kath xo

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Well, it's Tuesday, the little sister of days.... why do I say this? Well, yesterday was Monday, and I had Monday-itis big time (yes, it happens when you work from/are at home too). But for one young girl, yesterday was different....

There was a car crash about 5km's from my house yesterday. So what you may say? A person was killed in this crash. No, I didn't know her, but people in my town did. The story made the local 6pm news. The road was dry, but the word on the grape vine is that this young life was snuffed out because of speeding. A P-Plater speeding.

This hits home for me. A piece of road I drive down frequently, a driver with only as much experience as me (or even less) and speed. People (usually in cars behind me) don't understand why I try my hardest to stick to the speed limit. Even my husband doesn't understand why I am so pent up about it. But I know it's wrong. And from what has so far been said around town, this young girl lost her life to it. A hell of a form of Monday-itis don't you think?

PS (14/3/04) - The full story of the above incident has been released, and it appears that on this occasion speed was not the evident cause of the accident. I have kept this post here as a reminder of the thoughtlessness of many provisional (and full-licenced) drivers on our roads who do cause the demise of others. Kath xo

Monday, February 23, 2004

Bored !?!

Well, folks it's been a while since my last visit to the land of Blog... (actually you probably have all given up on me by now...) it feels even longer than when St George (Illawarra) last won a premiership...

Ian offered to help me clean my office yesterday... I struck a deal with him - If I don't have it clean today (Mon 23rd) then he could help me. I'm not hiding anything, but I have fears of him tossing out bits of paper I have written notes on (in Kaffren (my own personal language) of course).

I am getting a bit bored of this form of blog... going to hunt for interesting stuff to add to it.

K xo

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Funny how a plant-based substance can be seen as a trade-off for sleep... Last night (okay, very early this morning) my brain was buzzing and hence kept me up for several hours. It's amazing how much more amusing Merrick & Rosso are at that time of a morning... Ah, the joys of the internet!

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

I'm baaaack! Apologies to those poor souls that get a portion of their daily excitement requirements from my blog, but I just haven't had much to say lately (don't laugh!).

In fact, the most exciting thing that I am able to report in the last few days has been the February calendar on - even I take that with a grain of salt! Oh, and I had an Enjo demo at my place yesterday - the most fun you can have with puppets...that clean...

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Got back from Sydney on Thursday night... worked in the Church Op Shop yesterday (pretty cool -you meet quite a few interesting people) and crashed yesterday arvo (not feeling great, but caught up on some sleep!).

During this past week I had a lot of time to think, and talk to friends (one poor lass I even was ear-bashing with into the wee small hours... on a school night!). In recent months I have come to the conclusion that I am a lot more complex than I have always thought. This was mentioned to me by someone who I had known less than six months. Is it that I want too much out of life (and my friends and family for that matter)? Or is it that I want too little (I think it may be the former).

So what doI want out of life? And when I get it, what will I want then? I somehow think that I am a "half-empty" kind of person... or should I just throw out my Adrian Mole inspired persona?

Thursday, January 08, 2004

People are funny... These days we are too eager to give out our 3 contact numbers, 2 email addresses and our website (if we are lucky to have one) to virtual strangers, yet we have laws protecting our privacy and people even suing others over the most minor breaches of it. Why do I mention this?

Well it started about a month ago. I was in 'Word' Bookstore in God's Land (GL hereafter) (Sutherland Shire) and a lady customer at the counter gave her name so the assistant could look her up on the loyalty programme. She was a teacher of mine from School (some 11 years ago). We started chatting and then she had to go, but exchanged email addresses. I only emailed her today...

Secondly, I was on the website and saw that a girl I went to school with in Kindy was on there, and now lives overseas. I emailed her yesterday, and got a response today. She remembered that our Birthdays were a day apart... we actually nearly tore each other's hair out at Brownies nearly 20 years ago... but I now have a potential email buddy....

Maybe it's just me... but people are funny....

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Just doing 'bits & pieces' today. Going to Sydney on Friday for a few days - mixing business with pleasure. Unfortunately Ian is left at home on his own over the weekend. He assures me that he can survive, and I know he can. He was the one who taught me to cook and do domestic stuff....

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Thank goodness the weather is a little cooler today! As a result of yesterday's heat I have ended up with swollen feet - I look like a Hobbit that's been waxed!

Ian seems to have forgiven me over the freezer door incident. I have never been terribly well co-ordinated. I have broken two toes in my lifetime due to unco-ness...

Tonight's Viewing: Looking forward to the 2nd last episode in this series of 'MIT' (Murder Investigation Team), followed by 'Teachers'... I really couldn't live without the ABC.... I hope that The Bill goes back to twice a week...this once a week is NOT natural!

Monday, January 05, 2004

I BROKE THE FRIDGE!!!! I was just unpacking my groceries and had the freezer door open above my head (which was in the fridge) - lifted my head up and shouldered out the freezer door. I was laughing purely from shock, but Ian (hubby) didn't find it funny.... he just went to the shed and got out the tool kit and fixed the fridge...

Yes, I am nuts!
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