Friday, September 29, 2006

Eating Humble Pie?

Further to my recent post on Whinging... yesterday afternoon while Ian, Sean and I were in the garden, a familiar car drove up our street, and quite obviously parked in front of our house. It was her.

Her is the person who I had an interaction (fight? confrontation?) with on Sunday. I referred to her in my previous post as DN (dangerously naive). I went inside and answered the door. Her had a bunch of flowers and a pyrex dish in her hand and a sheepish smile. Great. Here it comes... forgiveness.

We had a good discussion over a cup of tea (yes, I apologised for where I felt I was wrong and that I had hurt her) and we both clarified a few things.

I guess her and I are now the level of colleagues - well, I guess we are. We both want to serve God by bringing others to know the Messiah's love that we know (and clear up a few operational and clerical issues in our Church along the way). I wouldn't say we're friends, but I don't hate her and I know that I can love her.

By the way, after Sean was in bed and we heated up our part of the pyrex-clad offering, Ian turned to me and suggested that it may have been humble pie. I felt my heart rate go up and the pit of my stomach tighten... "here we go" I thought.... Isn't forgiveness a bitter pill to swallow...

Kath xo
PS It was actually shepherds/cottage pie - humble pie is actually a sweet dish (thank you internet). K

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This N That...

Most of you know how much I love my son. Some of you know how much I love Wednesdays when a wonderful woman called Wendy looks after my son (she's a dynamo!) as well as four other tots.

Today was no different in the land of Wednesday. I dropped Sean off at Wendy's, bought the paper and went for my coffee (skim latte this morning) at Perenti. Watching the world go by in almost silence... hmmmm

K :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whinging about Whinging...

Further to Barb's recent post (link to her blog on right) I have to say that there is a lot of whinging in the Church. Just as bad (and damaging) is the non-whinging. What do I mean by that? Well it's when people don't say anything or do anything about bad situations. Why am I saying this? Because I felt more than a few (needed) "ouch-es" when I read Barb's blog.

My lack of speaking up (and whinging to Ian and a couple of close friends) culminated to an almost yelling match (with admittedly someone I don't particularly like) on Sunday morning.

This person was wrong in my eyes with what caused my whinging (and even anger), but I should have been bigger than them and nipped it in the bud earlier, which makes me equally as wrong.

Had it not been for two others who were also victims to this person's living in a blissfully (and dangerously) naive existence, I think many of you would have heard me yelling from Sydney.

The verdict? Thankfully God chose my words, so my point was put across, but had it been left soley up to me, I wouldn't have been happy until the dn (dangerously naive) person was in tears. Yep, I'm a bitch - that's why I need God.

Kath :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Waterboy(s)...

Mum's Pilates again this morning. It was great because we had a babysitter (thanks J!) to look after the little 'uns. Sean and his buddies decided to play musical waterbottles which was funny, but when I had a drink (yes, it was my bottle) I distinctly tasted Jatz - hmmm... I think they took some free samples...

KYB tonight... please pray that I am prepared - spiritually, mentally and have patience...

Kath :)
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Monday, September 11, 2006

I Love You... and Sew Bad!

Sean has done it again! This time we were wishing Ian's Mum Happy Birthday, and when I put Sean on the phone again to talk to Nanna he said "I love you". I think this may have been the best present she has received.

On a less happy note, I went to the sewing shop in town today and was chatting to the ladies who own/work there. We were talking about prices and the subject got to nappies. These two women basically couldn't believe that I didn't use cloth nappies and that their children were toilet trained by the time they were 1 - I nearly cried. I can't remember the last time someone made me feel so awful. I can say for certain that Spotlight will be getting my business from now on, even though it's an hour's drive away.

Kath xo

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shame Germaine

Greer continues Irwin attack

Love him or hate him, most of us have an opinion on the life of Steve Irwin. I personally liked Steve and appreciate the work he did for conservation in this country. Like many of us, he made mistakes too, but like a worthy role-model for our children, he admitted to them and tried to make the world a better place. Steve, I only wish you knew the beauty of the Creator as well as His creation.

Germaine Greer is, like the rest of us entitled to her opinion. However, in this blogger's eyes, Greer has yet again gone too far. We talk about tall poppies in this country and how many people like to cut them down. I never expected Ms Greer to be one of the poppy 'hench-womyn'.

Greer had her time in the limelight with her so called feminism and liberation of women. It is time for her to put on the sensible slippers and dressing gown and potter around the garden or at the leisure centre. I am ashamed that I share the same birth-country as her. In my view, Ms Greer has done NOTHING for either women or this country. As one of my wise friends pointed out, it is because of her we have women who struggle with the pressure to do EVERYTHING - hold down a full-time job, run a household and raise a family as well as contribute to the community in general. My friend and I agree that there is nothing wrong with these things, but we feel that it is because of Greer and the like that it is now becoming expected of women.

I wonder what kind of memorial Ms Greer will receive at the end of her life...

Kath :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm So Proud of Our Sean....

There are days when I hunt around for a ventilated postpack to post him off to my sister in Walgett (no, her name is not Betty) and there are other days when he just makes me beam with pride...

Not sure if yesterday was a postpack day or not, but I was at Mum's Pilates and Mandy was counting for one of our exercises. We then heard a child repeating her counting. I was taken aback (lying on my mat) when my friend next to me said "Kath, that's Sean". I had this warm gooey feeling of pride (and surprise).

Later when I told Ian this he replied "well, it's not surprising where he got 1-2-3 from". It's what we say when he's about to get a smack... hmmm.....

Kath xo
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sean - Now With Added MOBILITY

Well, I can tell you all now (since Ian's parents are away and my parents, Jen, Virginia etc now all know)...

Sean walked last Monday. He does (only once or twice per day, mind you) these really cool zombie steps with his hands in the air and then falls over. No holding on to anything, no grabbing onto Mummy's jeans...

He's growing up so fast....

K :)