Friday, September 29, 2006

Eating Humble Pie?

Further to my recent post on Whinging... yesterday afternoon while Ian, Sean and I were in the garden, a familiar car drove up our street, and quite obviously parked in front of our house. It was her.

Her is the person who I had an interaction (fight? confrontation?) with on Sunday. I referred to her in my previous post as DN (dangerously naive). I went inside and answered the door. Her had a bunch of flowers and a pyrex dish in her hand and a sheepish smile. Great. Here it comes... forgiveness.

We had a good discussion over a cup of tea (yes, I apologised for where I felt I was wrong and that I had hurt her) and we both clarified a few things.

I guess her and I are now the level of colleagues - well, I guess we are. We both want to serve God by bringing others to know the Messiah's love that we know (and clear up a few operational and clerical issues in our Church along the way). I wouldn't say we're friends, but I don't hate her and I know that I can love her.

By the way, after Sean was in bed and we heated up our part of the pyrex-clad offering, Ian turned to me and suggested that it may have been humble pie. I felt my heart rate go up and the pit of my stomach tighten... "here we go" I thought.... Isn't forgiveness a bitter pill to swallow...

Kath xo
PS It was actually shepherds/cottage pie - humble pie is actually a sweet dish (thank you internet). K

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