Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life... in all season(ings) and spices...

It's been even longer than usual since I last blogged. My life has changed forever in the last few months. Not in a catastrophic way, but I have been touched by God's greater plan for my life.

A few months ago (and some of you already know this) my Dad got really sick. He nearly died. He spent ten (10) weeks in two different hospitals, much of that in an induced coma. The impact on my life has only hit me recently.

Today, my Dad is alive! It's the little things that you begin to appreciate when people you love go through things that in turn encourage you and make you stronger. I cried when Dad actually talked to me on the telephone a couple of weeks ago. Dad usually says "Hi, I'll get your Mother for you" (he has even done this unitentionally when we have called for him!). On this occasion, he talked to me.

Recently he has been able to write again. For a man who left school at fifteen he has beautiful writing. For Dad, this was a great dignity returned to him.

I was reminded this week of those who want to exit the pain of this world under their own terms. I am not naieve to their point of view, but I believe that God has a much bigger plan for us. I am glad my Dad always believed that he would live if that was God's plan, and be promoted to Glory if that was His plan. Dad fought the pain of this world - so far he's winning.

Kath :)