Friday, December 31, 2004

XMAS - Isn't that a skin disorder?!?

Well time does fly! I had intended to blog prior to and straight after the Christmas break, but it was not to be.

So much has happened (as usual) since my last blog. I have calmed down from my "XMAS" rage and have for the moment un-boycotted businesses etc who display the satanic "XMAS" instead of CHRISTMAS in their stores. I am going to get in early with my campaigning next year. They wouldn't do it to a Jew and definitely not to a Muslim so they should show respect (since they are all happy to take advantage of the CHRISTIAN celebrations to make sales and other religious groups are more than happy to use the public holidays to suit their own needs) and keep their anti-Christian bigotry to themselves. Trust me, this is much calmer than I was a week ago. What saddens me is how many Christians use the short-hand "XMAS". Why can't they use "C'mas" like I do. This works as we often use our initials (eg. K) as a shortcut to names.

On a less heated topic... I scored some really cool gifts for Christmas (hereafter known as C'mas). Ian gave me The Office Christmas Special (10 points!), my sister gave me a plug-and-play Atari joystick (a huge hit with my hubby, niece and nephew) as revenge for the 80's Bratz Doll I gave her for her 25th Birthday, and another friend gave me Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction. I finished reading it this morning - it only took me 3 days (approx 2-4 hour sittings) to read 460 odd pages. This is a RECORD for me! Oh Adrian, you have an ally when it comes to David Beckham's lack of grammar!!!

Christmas day was good - the only hiccup was 2 cousins (one from each family) one turned up to Christmas lunch 10 hours late and another kept up on a topic that I didn't want to talk about (telling them that "X is a sore-spot with me" didn't phase them... good thing you can choose your friends). So all in all not too bad. Top points to Auntie Marg who made the biscuit/cake base Rocky Road!!!

As cafedave stated we caught up with our friends (or extended family) on Boxing Day after evening Church at Zimme's. We loved seeing them all again and hope it won't be too long between visits.

Anyway tonight is New Year's Eve in Gloucester (I can only assume it has trickled out to other places too!) and we are going to a small (but nicely numbered) party nearby. Our friend Nina has told us that there is going to be Karioke (I have no idea how to spell it) - only Ian and I are going to be totally alcohol free, so at least we will have more on our friends than they will have on us.

Happy New Year folks,

Kath xo

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Just another day at the office....

Although it would be funnier if it were The Office (without Gareth, of course). Some of you will already know that I work at the local school from time to time (this time it has been 2 weeks). Now, here's a question for the over 25's - when "we" were at school was the remedy for nearly every injury etc "Grab an Ice Pack"? Are kids in more scrapes these days or are they just soft?

What amazes me even more is that if a kid is sick, covering/cleaning up with sawdust is "so 80's" they have special stuff (or even funky new sick bags) to clear it away.

I still wouldn't swap it for the corporate world!!!

Kath xo

Saturday, December 04, 2004

So Have you Figured out What Happened to the EGG?

The egg was seized (see previous post), cracked into a bowl and microwaved (thank you Ian!!!). You should have seen the expression on the kid's face!!!

Warning!!! Baby-talk alert!!!

Things have gotten a lot bigger lately, namely my belly and ankles! My belly now sticks out further than my chest (not easy if you know me). I can't even confidently cut my toe nails and shave my legs - and I am only 22 weeks (5 1/2 months)!!! The irony is that the lady who does my nails for special occasions (or "emergencies" such as this) is pregnant too!!! It is only a matter of time before it will be hilarious watching her get over her bump to get to my toes!!! (If you are reading this "H" you do the best job, but you gotta see the humour!!!).

K xoxo