Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dein Perry, not Liberace!

I was feeding Sean (10 weeks old) while watching Bert (Bert Newton, Good Morning Australia). The end band (ejazz?) played Copacabana. Sean DANCED to it (well, waved his legs and arms, and even "rejected" me while doing so)!!! I would never have pegged Sean as a Barry Manilow fan. I have only played him Colin Buchanan and Nina Simone...

I hope he is a Tap Dog when he grows up and not a caberet singer (I couldn't keep up with the sequin sewing!).

Kath :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Never Assume...

Some of you already know that I am proudly involved with CWA (Country Women's Association - Gloucester Evening Branch). Although I pretty much refuse to bake scones and knit/crochet hideous coathangers etc I do contribute other ways (eg cooking for catering gigs, letting octogenarians fuss over my son while the under 80's run the show).

Anyway, today I had to approach head office (which is in Potts Point (Kings Cross) - go figure...) for a logo for new (thanks Kath & Rhonda) name badges. Imagine my (pleasant) shock when I was put through to a woman that sounded like she was under 50. Double the effect when she said "Sure Kathryn, can I email that to you?". Trifecta when it was the right thing in a readable format!

Maybe it's time to shed the archaic blue-rinse image that my Auntie Beryl etched into my mind!

Kath xo

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's the Strangest Thing...

I was channel flicking whilst feeding Sean today and saw Elmo on the TV (you know, the very cute red guy). Guess what? He's Left Handed! Cool! I'm right handed but my Dad, Sister, Husband and Mother-In-Law are all converted left handers (relics from the bad-0ld-days). I never thought I would be so fascinated by the "handedness" of a puppet!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still here!

Well I am still here - just haven't had anything interesting to blog about (that I am able to blog about) that doesn't involve baby-baby-baby talk lately.

There is good news though - my sister Jen has got a permanent teaching job, but it's out at Walgett (over 600kms from Sydney). She moved there over the long weekend. She's teaching there until the end of the year and I think she then gets moved to another school (hopefully closer to Sydney or Gloucester!).

Anyway, until I get the hang of "flickr" that's about it for the moment...

Kath xo

PS Feel free to email/comment me suggestions of topics you want me to nag on about if you really want a challenge!

PPS Sean now smiles at us - really cool!!! Can you believe he's 9 weeks old already?

Monday, June 13, 2005

How well do you know your FRIENDS?

No, I'm not talking Rachel, Ross, Monica etc, but your actual friends. I received an email today which was all about that. You may have seen it before (or I may have forwarded it to you - don't be offended if I didn't - 'it ain't personal'). Here are the first 5 questions with my answers...

1. What time did you get up this morning? 8.25am
2. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
3. The last film you saw at the cinema? Meet the Fockers/The Bourne Supremecy (Can't remember which)
4. What is your favourite TV show? THE BILL
5. What did you have for breakfast? Mushrooms on toast

It made me think, how much do we really know about our friends. No, I'm not out to be nosy, or live in people's pockets, but if you know (or think you know) somebody well, think about how much you really know about them.

Most of you who know me will know that The Bill is my favourite show (although Alex, you will have to squeeze out more tears if they are going to even think about giving "Smithy" a BAFTA), but did you know that my favourite food is Indian, or that my childhood favourite toy was Rabbit Ears...

Food for thought...

Kath xo