Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dein Perry, not Liberace!

I was feeding Sean (10 weeks old) while watching Bert (Bert Newton, Good Morning Australia). The end band (ejazz?) played Copacabana. Sean DANCED to it (well, waved his legs and arms, and even "rejected" me while doing so)!!! I would never have pegged Sean as a Barry Manilow fan. I have only played him Colin Buchanan and Nina Simone...

I hope he is a Tap Dog when he grows up and not a caberet singer (I couldn't keep up with the sequin sewing!).

Kath :)

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cafedave said...

Reminds me of a scene in Murphy Brown where Murphy is trying to decide what to name her baby, and Barry M quietens down the crying... she muses "rico brown"?