Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Never Assume...

Some of you already know that I am proudly involved with CWA (Country Women's Association - Gloucester Evening Branch). Although I pretty much refuse to bake scones and knit/crochet hideous coathangers etc I do contribute other ways (eg cooking for catering gigs, letting octogenarians fuss over my son while the under 80's run the show).

Anyway, today I had to approach head office (which is in Potts Point (Kings Cross) - go figure...) for a logo for new (thanks Kath & Rhonda) name badges. Imagine my (pleasant) shock when I was put through to a woman that sounded like she was under 50. Double the effect when she said "Sure Kathryn, can I email that to you?". Trifecta when it was the right thing in a readable format!

Maybe it's time to shed the archaic blue-rinse image that my Auntie Beryl etched into my mind!

Kath xo

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