Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still here!

Well I am still here - just haven't had anything interesting to blog about (that I am able to blog about) that doesn't involve baby-baby-baby talk lately.

There is good news though - my sister Jen has got a permanent teaching job, but it's out at Walgett (over 600kms from Sydney). She moved there over the long weekend. She's teaching there until the end of the year and I think she then gets moved to another school (hopefully closer to Sydney or Gloucester!).

Anyway, until I get the hang of "flickr" that's about it for the moment...

Kath xo

PS Feel free to email/comment me suggestions of topics you want me to nag on about if you really want a challenge!

PPS Sean now smiles at us - really cool!!! Can you believe he's 9 weeks old already?

1 comment:

cafedave said...

That's excellent about Jen getting a job. Yay!

Let me know if you need help getting started with flickr.