Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Well, it's Tuesday, the little sister of days.... why do I say this? Well, yesterday was Monday, and I had Monday-itis big time (yes, it happens when you work from/are at home too). But for one young girl, yesterday was different....

There was a car crash about 5km's from my house yesterday. So what you may say? A person was killed in this crash. No, I didn't know her, but people in my town did. The story made the local 6pm news. The road was dry, but the word on the grape vine is that this young life was snuffed out because of speeding. A P-Plater speeding.

This hits home for me. A piece of road I drive down frequently, a driver with only as much experience as me (or even less) and speed. People (usually in cars behind me) don't understand why I try my hardest to stick to the speed limit. Even my husband doesn't understand why I am so pent up about it. But I know it's wrong. And from what has so far been said around town, this young girl lost her life to it. A hell of a form of Monday-itis don't you think?

PS (14/3/04) - The full story of the above incident has been released, and it appears that on this occasion speed was not the evident cause of the accident. I have kept this post here as a reminder of the thoughtlessness of many provisional (and full-licenced) drivers on our roads who do cause the demise of others. Kath xo

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