Tuesday, March 22, 2005

2W6D - but who's counting?

Well most of the bags (yes, that's plural) are packed, the lists of who to call (and who to ask to pass on the news) are being compiled, the names sorted (don't worry, they're pronouncable, much to my protest, I love the unpronouncable Irish ones) and I am doing silly things like making Neenish Tarts (ref: cafedave comment yesterday) which I have never made (or had the inclination to) before.

Nearly everything revolves around the baby's soon to be arrival at the moment, but that's pretty normal from what I'm told. Ian will just be happy when I stop snoring like a train!

If anyone has any ideas for names (that we may not have thought of) or some real (or silly) advice (no major horror stories thanks, it's going to be me, not you on the slab) feel free to put forward - I could do with a laugh!

Kath xo


cafekel said...


I'm told warm water on the back during early labour is good.

and then drugs for last part :)

Kathryn said...

Thanks k, because I am snobbing it and going private, they have heat packs and an ensuite to the birthing suite (although it is probably the only time you will see a "suite" with lino on the floor!). I hope the heatpacks, shower, massage and gas work because I am dredding the anaethesist's bill if I need an epidural (even with health cover). K xo