Friday, April 01, 2005

The Value of Life

The last couple of weeks have made me really think more about the value of life, particularly human life. The news has been hilighted by stories of peoples "right" to die versus the "right" to live.

This morning I was woken with the news that Terri Shiavo had won her right to die, or was that lost her right to live; The Pope, John Paul II was allegedly being given his Sacrement of the Infirmed (or "Last Rites" in the old language), and last Monday in Indonesia there was a horrific earthquake, and the people there didn't have much time to think about rights or rites.

I just looked up ninemsn for the latest news and Terri's passing doesn't rate a mention in the latest news. The earthquake in Indonesia still rates, as does The Pope's condition. I just feel that something is wrong with this world, that we don't as people have the same care and love that God has for His Creation. He cares for each little sparrow that falls, and we (yes, I am very guilty of it too), as a whole don't seem to give much thought to the health or mortality to those around us, let alone those accross the globe.

Food for thought ?!?

Kath xo

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Julie said...

Terri Schiavo is still very much in the headlines here - see

As I've followed her story I feel overwhelmed by grief for her family - how cruel to have to make a decision as to whether someone lives or dies, to balance mercy and love like that. And I'm convinced there is no right or wrong here either - both the options were awful.