Monday, April 11, 2005

Today's the Day... or is it?

Well here we are! Today (11 April) is my baby's due day. Guess what? As at 3.26pm No baby! We've had a few tell-tale movements (or rather pains) over the weekend, but when it comes to producing the goods, my little angel has decided to continue it's hibernation. Ian, myself and even my Dad have our bags packed in anticipation. My Mum has called to see if I'm okay and I shocked one of my child-veteran friends (mother of four, grandmother of at least eight) that I am (in her words) still here.

I cannot find any raspberry leaf tea in Gloucester (the health food shop lady was very sympathetic) and the idea of walking is enough to kill me!!! (Remember, I have been forced to do nothing since 10 March). Any other ideas are welcome!!!

On a happier note - did anyone else find the wedding on The Bill (ie June & Jim's) more interesting and exciting than Charles & Camilla's?

Kath xo

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Julie said... post there some news?