Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's a Boy!!!

As you can tell by the title, last Monday at the Obstetrician went really well. She put me straight into hospital and things were moved along on Tuesday morning. After six hours in the birthing suite (the last four hours were the actual labour) we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful little boy, Sean Ian William.

Sean was born at 2.08pm on Tuesday 19 April, weighing 6lb 15 oz (3.1kg)and 50cm long. The not so funny part was that he got stuck and things were a little tricky for a while, but the funny part was that he was born while the afternoon repeats of The Bill were on - this kid has taste!

Thank you all for your messages and prayers of support throughout my pregnancy (especially when I was such a grumpy cow at the end). Thank you also to dave, Julie and all the others who kept everyone up to date while I was offline - much appreciated :)

Kath xo


Unknown said...

Glad you are both ok and are now happy members of the baby club. May God bless your family richly and give you the strength, patience and endurance you need! May Sean be a great blessing in your lives and may he grow up to express faith in the Lord.

Kathryn said...

Thank you :) Where we live at the moment it's a baby boy club + 1 girl!!! It's amazing how having a child puts a new perspective on faith and salvation. You know that you would give your life up to save your child... shows that God knew what He was doing...