Wednesday, April 13, 2005

D-Day ?!?

Well today is the day I find out when our little one is going to join us. Thankfully the end of the road is near. I really can't wait to hold her/him in my arms. Unfortunately I don't know if/when I (or Ian) will next get to blog. If you can't wait for info, I can access my hotmail via my mobile - try the address below and put Bubs? in the subject line (then it directs to me!) if you can't wait till I get home.

Yesterday I broke with this "resting" nonsense (which until it was due, was fair enough, but there is no way I am going to rest up if Bubs isn't going to play the game and come on-time (which was Monday) or early - it's give and take in this family Bubs!!!), washed the car and pulled a few weeds from the garden. I was actually sweating like a pig! Still nothing!

On non-baby stuff... watched CSI: NY last night (I have seen it before) - I wonder if it is going to be like CSI: Miami, which I now like, but not as much as the original CSI. At this stage it isn't impressing me too much. Thoughts?

Kath xo

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cafedave said...

Hard to concentrate on the merits of various shows when we're waiting for the baby to show up, but I will say that the spin-off CSI's have all-but-appalling scripts; I found that CSI NY was almost unwatchable for its characters and their dialogue, but still had that grisly CSI appeal.