Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day / Unusual Ministries

Mother's Day
Yesterday was my first Mother's Day, and Sean, Ian and even Uncle Bob & Auntie Lesley came up trumps for me! All of the above sent cards (my uncle and aunt sent a new mum card) and Sean gave (well let Mummy shop) me a new top (wearing it to Greek Yum Cha next week, hopefully). Thank you also to those who sent me text messages - it gave me a smile or two!!!

I spent the day at Wauchope (pron War-hope) visiting Ian's family (even though Ian was at a conference in Orange), and Sean was an angel - he loves the car trip!?!

Unusual Ministries
On the way to Wauchope I was listening to a technology programme on the radio and there was an interview with a guy (in Brisbane?) who runs LanJam ( if the link doesn't work) which is an outreach to the local youth. It's run in a Church hall on an occasional basis, and people come from far and wide to play computer games there. There is no alcohol, drugs etc but this hasn't hindered its popularity.

If anyone has any unusual (existing or previously existing) ministries that they know of let me know via comments and I will put the best ones (okay the ones that make me cry (happy tears) or laugh the most) on a new blog entry...

Kath xo


Unknown said...

good to hear that your first mothers day was nice. hopefully you will have many more nice ones, including the little one "cooking" for you when he gets older!

cafedave said...

hey mate, welcome back to blogging again.

Kathryn said...

Thanks guys... Oh for a laptop with wireless connecton... I could blog anywhere! As for Sean cooking, it will happen. Remember, he has to learn to make Mummy coffee!