Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I can see clearly now the rain has gone...

Well it was a great song covered wonderfully by Hothouse Flowers back in the 80's or thereabouts, but the words perfectly describe our holiday. Yes, we have been away for the last almost 3 weeks and from the second week until we left Sydney yesterday it rained almost non-stop!!!

Here are some hilights (and some not so bright) snippets of the last few weeks (in no particular order):
  • Thanks to dave for re-jigging my site. I got to *finally* catch up with the ever lovely kel whilst he was tinkering. BTW kel is a fantastic restaurant chooser!!!
  • My Mum had a special Birthday - we had a good time and she seemed to enjoy herself. I think that was one of the least stressful family gatherings for a long time.
  • Andrew's 30th - Fiona, if you're reading this, can I have the cupcake recipe? It would knock the socks of the CWA chicks!
  • Rain at Vincentia (Jervis Bay) from the Tues-Fri. We left on Friday (sorry Kate & Steve!) because the weather was sooooo bad! There was actually condensation running down the inside of the windows.
  • The night out with "The Andreas" - I can't remember when I last laughed so much!
  • Spending time with the 3 most important people in my life: Ian, Sean & Jen. I love you all so much.
  • Seeing the Sydney Bienale (no I haven't checked the spelling) - I enjoy seeing art from another angle.
  • GO the DRAGONS - 2 in a row (at least)!!!!
  • GO the Wallabies!!!! (Yes, I was at the June 11 game)
  • GO the Socceroos!!! Okay, soccer is now officially a sport. But it will N E V E R be Football! Real men pick up the ball and run with it!
  • Seeing quite a few old friends (who aren't really old, but you get the drift).

Kath xo

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