Thursday, August 16, 2007

This makes me sick!

I felt enraged when I read the headline, and physically sick when I read the article. I wonder how muslims feel about this. For my two cents worth, Allah is not mentioned in the Bible, and I equate calling/referring to God (in the Christian sense) Allah far worse than referring to a woman as a wench, or c*#t. I hope this Bishop sees the error of his ways and repents.


Let's all call God Allah: Dutch bishop - World - BigPond News



cafedave said...

Bigpond has taken the article off their site, but I think this is the article you saw.

The name Allah is just Arabic for "the God" - according to wikipedia, an Arabic speaking Christian would use the same word, and that would - I think - be fine.

There are enough connotations to that particular name, though, that it seems like it refers exclusively to the Muslim understanding of god: I wouldn't use such a term in any language other than Arabic.

Kathryn said...

Thanks dave :) Yes, it is far less offensive (in my opinion) in the Arabic context. I agree with your usage too. You should study language... ;)