Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!

As usual, a lot has happened since my last post. I am still on good hours at the local school (today I was lucky enough to re-arrange the uniform display outside the Principal's office while one of the kindy kids were trying to get out of doing their work) and I am still running round like a mad thing doing things that just over 12 months ago I would not be caught doing!

Life isn't always like this though... a couple of weeks ago Ian and I went to Sydney for our friend Anthony's wedding - on a Thursday... Now, Anthony, I say this as a sister - that's strange, even for you!!! We had great fun sharing Anthony & Jeannette's special day and look forward to seeing them this weekend.

We then came home for a week and then it was back down the Pacific Highway to Sydney and then Vincentia for "Holidays". Yes, I use the term loosely. You see, we are currently selling our Sydney property and buying a block of land up here in Gloucester and then popping a mansion (in my own mind) on top of it. Yes, we are mad. No, we didn't get a very long holiday (but we did enjoy the lack of alarm clock for a few days!).

One of the highlights was seeing the Dragons (the mightly St George Illawarra) play Penrith on Friday night up at Penrith. No, I really don't want to talk about the narrow defeat of my beloved Dragons, or the "old enough to be my son" security guard who stopped me from getting an autograph from Nathan Brown, so I will focus on the Krispy Kreme Donuts instead.

This is the point where I lovingly blame Dave of for mentioning them to me in the first place. I HAD to seek them out!!! It got so bad in fact that Ian and I HAD to stop by the Botany Krispy Kreme store on our way home on Sunday to get supplies!!!

It was hard going back to the kiddies on Monday...

K xo


cafedave said...

But they're so tasty... and only 400-odd calories each. That's a whole meal in a single, sugary package.

Kathryn said...

Is it really bad that Ian (note, not me!!! ;)) bought the BIG take home variety pack and plain pack combo??? They say re-heat in microwave for 8 seconds, but try 9 just for an adventure... MMmmmm Donuts...

Julie said...

OK, so I don't want anyone commenting on how American I may have become with such passion for Krispy Kremes back home :D

You may want to look out for the cream filled muffins I saw on the weekend....mmmmm....American sugary goodness