Tuesday, February 01, 2005

70 Days to Go.... Baby Talk Warning!!!

That's right!!! Assuming our little angel arrives on the dot of 11 April, Ian and I are on our 70th last "child free" day (not that it isn't making its prescence felt... *kick*kick*feedmemum*kick*kick... you get the idea). It's all at the point where I can't wait for it all to be over and be presented with a cute little red screaming wrinkly thing... but that's just me (and Ian).

Some light heartedness on the subject. Some of you may know that (as embarrassing as it is) that I am a green P-Plater. In NSW the RTA now has printed on the bottom right corner of your L or P plates the maximum speed that you can go (for me it is 100 km/hr in a 100-110 zone). A couple of weeks ago I was out with a couple of friends in Sydney when my friend Andrew said (jokingly) "does that mean that you've got 100 days to go?", and to a red P-Plate "90 days to go?" and then (in a louder voice) - "She's in LABOUR!!!". After panicking (thinking my waters had broken way too early), I realised that he was looking at a L-Plate... Admittedly I still laugh sometimes when I see an L-plate because if they drive like I did back then, it would send me into labour!!!

Kath xo

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