Sunday, February 13, 2005

The World's Slackest Blogger?

I don't know why it is but I am really good at reading my friends blogs every day or so, but am absolutely hopeless at updating mine. Maybe I would do better if I was working in an office and snuck some me-blog time into my day. Actually I had a boss so dumb (but in a friendly sort of way) once that I could have run my own business there and he wouldn't have noticed. It was funny because this guy was basically a clone of Jim's dad in American Pie. Needless to say I lasted at that company longer than he did!

Anyway, I have spent the last week trying to get all our colours and bathroom/kitchen colours (paint, tiles, etc) in order for the house contract signing. I am very excited (I know, I wasn't before) in an "over it" kind of way. I am beginning to think that carpet sales people are the new used car/photocopier sales people and will tell you anything to make a sale. I have noticed that when I tell them that I started my search in Sydney and due to the house not being fully up yet I won't be buying for at least 4-6 months that they seem to let their guard down a bit and seem to let go of the "bull" factor a bit... maybe it's just my perception.

Kath xo


Unknown said...

hey kath - not the usual sort of blog comment i know, but can i link your blog from mine?

Julie said...

if you think you're the world's slackest blogger can i direct you to my blog? seriously though, you're not too bad.

i can see how choosing colours for the house could be fun for a while - must be infuriating dealing with all those pushy sales types.... i'm sure you can handle them though :D

Kathryn said...

Hey Erika,

Go for it - the question is ability. I tried to copy and amend a link for another website and it gave me two of imdb...

Kath xo

Unknown said...

so are you going to post again sometime this year?????