Friday, September 30, 2005

Anyone for a party?

It seems that in the UK and US mums are opting for "parties" of people to be there for the big event. Are they mad? I was in too much pain to swear let alone know who was in the room. Apart from Ian and the medical staff I really only would have let my sister, Jen in the room, and even she opted out!

Another interesting site I saw this week was - not sure where I got it from, but it's very funny. The site shows many very ugly "fashion" events that should never have happened. Worth a look.

Kath xo


cafedave said...

If it's hard to relax when people are at your home after you've spent a while tidying up, how does having a bunch of friends help you relax when you're giving birth.

Unknown said...

too much pain to swear??? I still managed a small amount of it before the epidural. I had about 9 hours to work up to it though....