Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dragons' change in direction...

Found the above article ( today in regards to St George Illawarra's leadership over the past few years. It was interesting to see Nathan Brown (Coach) quoted as saying that he wasn't a great captain. Unfortunately I have to agree with him there, however, when you follow players such as Mark Coyne (who's only fault professionally was that he played for Queensland in State of Origin) it is hard to come up with the goods when you haven't been trained to be in that role.

I once worked for a company that didn't believe in training their non-floor (it was retail) staff (ie admin etc, without giving too much away). As a result there were a lot of low paid, low morale workers, and in the end it cost me my job. All it took was a shallow over-achiever and I was pretty much cornered into resiging.

It's like this with our Christian lives too. If we don't keep up with reading God's Word (the Bible) and keeping in contact with Him (by praying) then how can we captain the team of younger (or even new) Christians and encourage them? Just how Browny and I both didn't receive training for our jobs, may Churches (and even people) don't seem to think that you need to put any effort into your spiritial life apart from showing up on Sundays, let alone to commit themselves to a Church or Bible Study/Small Group. How would you feel if someone said to you "I really value you as a friend, but I can't be bothered going to your house or spending time with you"? Pretty shocking, yet we constantly do this to God (I am very guilty of this). Our actions tell God that we aren't interested in what He has to say, and are not interested in coming over to His house or hanging out with His other friends.

Let me challenge you this week - try your local Church (or go back to your regular Church). Why this week? It is harder to go when exciting things such as Football Finals and AFL Grand Finals are on. Ready to take the challenge? Feel free to email me if you want more info or to comment anonymously.

Kath xo

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