Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grumpy Old Cow...

Firstly, Congratulations to Ian Thorpe - you are an inspiration. I doubt you will read this (well, you never know, retirement may turn into a life of blog-dem), but you do us southerners proud! I wish you success in every avenue of life.

Smithy is SAVED!!! (okay stop laughing any UK Bill fans). YAY!!! I am not one of those girls into prison-boy chic. Ug! I actually looked Alex Walkinshaw up on some talk shows on You Tube. Alex, keep up the good work - who knows, you could be the new Christopher Ellison before you know it!

Well, I guess it's my turn (again) to be grumpy! I recently hired the 2 Grumpy Old Women DVD's from the local Video store. Here's the list...
  1. To my horror the younger 'Grumpies' were only about 10 years older than me!
  2. Happy Meal Toys - Sean received a toy music thing (that I can only assume is an infantile I-Pod substitute) that sings "I like to move it" over-and-over-and-over again. Thank goodness he hasn't worked out the master switch...yet.
  3. The anti-Christian pre-Christmas saturation. I'm not anti-Santa, but seriously, if you aren't prepared to keep baby Jesus in Christmas, don't be a hypocrite and take the Holiday Season's benefits. Santa does not equal Saviour!

Anyway, that's my rant and rave for now...

Kath xo
Reading: my driver qualification test handbook, Peter Costello's Bio (still!)
Watching: Grumpy Old Women, Little Britain (Season 2) and Kingswood Country.

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