Friday, November 03, 2006

The Music List Thingy...

As seen on (and I am sure I have seen it somewhere else, initially I thought it was dave but I could be wrong), I needed some 'me' time today so here it is... I hope this doesn't come back to me in a few years time (particularly my now outed like for Karaoke, Ronan Keating and Eminem...)

1. favourite beatles song: Penny Lane
2. favourite rolling stones song: paint it black/Ruby Tuesday
3. favourite doors song: Riders on the Storm
4. favourite bob dylan song: too many…
5. favourite led zeppelin song: stairway to heaven
6. favourite tv theme song: The Bill, Third Watch, CSI & CSI: Miami
7. favourite prince song: Red Corvette
8. favourite madonna song: Respect Yourself
9. favourite michael jackson song: n/a
10. favourite queen song: Under Pressure
11. favourite motorhead song: n/a
12. favourite ozzy song: n/a
13. favourite public enemy song: n/a
14. favourite song from a cartoon: Jetson’s theme music
15. favourite bruce springsteen song: i’m on fire / born to run
16. favourite depeche mode song: n/a
17. favourite cure song: n/a
18. favourite song that most of your friends haven’t heard:”We’ve got Tonight” duet Ronan Keating & Lu Lu
19. favourite rem song: end of the world
20. favourite beastie boys song: (you gotta) fight for your right to party
21. favourite clash song: n/a
22. favourite police song: Don’t stand so close to me
23. favourite eurythmics song:When Tomorrow Comes/Thorn in my Side
24. favourite beach boys song:Good Vibrations
25. favourite cyndi lauper song: True Colours
26. favourite song from a movie:It’s an instrumental, but it’s near the end of The Thomas Crown Affair (with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo)
27. favourite duran duran song: Hungry Like the Wolf (good Karaoke song)
28. favourite peter tosh song: n/a (he’s a reggae artist similar to Bob Marley)
29. favourite johnny cash song:n/a
30. favourite song from an 80’s one hit wonder: video killed the radio star - the buggles
31. favourite song from a video game: n/a don’t play them
32. favourite kinks song: lola
33. favourite genesis song: In the Air Tonight
34. favourite thin lizzy song: boys are back in town
35. favourite inxs song: Never Tear Us Apart
36. favourite weird al song: Like a Surgeon – still remember the video clip…
37. favourite peter gabriel song: sledgehammer
38. favourite john lennon song: he was nothing without McCartney.
39. favourite pink floyd song: Money
40. favourite cover song: Pretty much anything by Nina Simone or Ronan Keating.
41. favourite white stripes song: n/a
42. favourite dance song: re-jigged 80s stuff usually does it for me... not that i actually dance :) I’m with the Dr on this one.
43. favourite u2 song: The Sweetest Thing (I waited years for this to be released as an ‘A’ side) & Where the Streets Have no Name
44. favourite song from an actor turned musician: n/a
45. favourite disco song: ymca - the village people
46. favourite power ballad: November Rain – Guns N Roses
47. favourite guns n’ roses song: welcome to the jungle – Noooooo, November Rain
48. favourite the who song: Who are you
49. favourite elton john song: Candle in the Wind – the Princess Diana tribute
50. favourite song, period: 80’s and Jazz
51. favourite ryan adams song: Ryan or Bryan Adams? If Bryan, then ‘Run to You’
52. favourite green day song: good riddance (time of your life)
53. favourite alanis morrissette song: Ironic
54. favourite jamiroquai song: Cosmic Girl
55. favourite foo fighters song: monkey wrench
56. favourite david bowie song: Fame/Suffrogette City
57. favourite metallica song: Enter Sandman
58. favourite jeff buckley song: n/a
59. favourite pearl jam song: Better Man
60. favourite grateful dead song: n/a
61. favourite def leppard song: Rocket (?)
62. favourite dixie chicks song: n/a
63: favourite cowboy junkies song: n/a
64. favourite james brown song: i got you (i feel good)
65. favourite barenaked ladies song: one week
66. favourite creedence clearwater revival song: Have you ever Seen the Rain?
67. favourite garth brooks song: n/a
68: favourite chuck berry song: n/a
69: favourite willie nelson song: on the road again – you’ve got to listen to the Vege Tales Version…
70. favourite tom petty: n/a
71. favourite van halen song: Dreams
72. favourite old school soul song: hmm, not sure
73. favourite song that totally kicks righteous ass: Lily was here – Dave Stewart
74: favourite song of yours that everyone else hates: Cleaning out my Closet - Eminem
75: favourite zz top song: n/a
76: favourite ac/dc song: thunderstruck
77. favourite blondie song: heart of glass
78. favourite bob marley song: No Woman No Cry
79. favourite violent femmes song: Blister in the Sun
80. favourite alice in chains song: n/a
81. favourite wallflowers song: One Headlight
82. favourite james taylor song: n/a
83. favourite counting crows song: Mr Jones/their cover Round Here
84. favourite blues traveler song: n/a
85. favourite drinking song: anything you can karaoke to – Amen Dr!
86. favourite hendrix song: Foxey Lady
87. favourite break-up song: Better Man (Pearl Jam), Respect (Madonna)
88. favourite allman brothers song: n/a
89. favourite rusted root song: n/a
90. favourite dave matthews band song:n/a
91. favourite elvis costello song: not sure…
92. favourite beck song: n/a
93. favourite muse song: n/a
94. favourite radiohead song: creep
95. favourite stone temple pilots song: n/a
96. favourite the eagles song: Hotel California
97. favourite janis joplin song: n/a (I’m sure I will kick myself later)
98. favourite coldplay song: Fix You
98. favourite soundgarden song: black hole sun
99. favourite 70s song: Moondance – Van Morrison (had to look up a 70’s chart…)
100. favourite joan osborne song: I only know “One of Us”

Kath :)

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Barb Totterdell said...

I'd have too many n/a to make it worth my while ('cause I'm so hopeless at knowing who sings what if you remember!)